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Back Fucking Office...

A young wise man said to me, "Work with what you have, then exceed the bar"
A person may say, you should do the necessity tasks in preparation of a large trip that is planned, however quite frankly, I think one should do what I am doing on a monthly basis , then they would never have to deal with the back fucking office.

I was up till 3am last night. I filled bankruptcy in 2011, and every month you have to keep every receipt, log them into a ledger in date order- take them out of order and put them in categories; grocery, gas...crap pile...then you enter the groups onto the budget sheet. The trustee takes off your expenses, takes the left over income, which is called residue income, splits it in two. The trustee then takes half to pay all the debt and you get to keep half. You do not get to decide what your expense's are. If you need 7 new pairs of ginch, you are shit out of luck. The more money I make, the more they take.

I remember happily think…