One Month Done! As A Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free

Well, I made it threw one month!

I feel I have set up how things will go for the next year and it feels good.

When I arrive at work a hour before work, and tell my story, people are wowed, and I have to say-If you really set your mind to something and have good people in your life who support you, anything is possible.

There will always be cynical people who don't understand or get it.

As one family member basically asked if I felt bad, for just staying at peoples homes and taking.

Well let me clarify what exactly this project is about.

Like many people in Vancouver we are working to Live, we are busying our life's with programs and fitness activities to feel a sense of wellness. Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. I repeat, Vancouver is listed the most expensive place to live. There are no perks to wellness in Vancouver, you either have the genes to get outside and do it on your own, or you pay someone or some program to get you to your wellness.

I have blogged on and one about how the school board strike almost killed me financially. I am not going to talk about that again here. The bottom line is there is 45K that needs to be dealt with. On top of that a slandering of bullshit on my credit file. Sure a person can pay it, consolidate it or bankrupt it.

The bullshit will still be there. I had both. I had done all three in the coarse of 10 years, Paid some, consolidated some and bankrupted some-

I spoke to people ; Credit Counselor of Canada, Debt Canada , a one was going to clean this mess up but me.

My rent of 1000 will go toward this debt, half of my food bill in Vancouver; 250, Half of my gas bill 150, my car payment, 260. This is $1660.00 toward debt.

My income at is basic level is $2800. My new expenses are about 800.00: In Vancouver my expenses were 2797.00- All of my income. Most times some bills never got paid due to other bills, like federal debt.

I sold and donated everything, except a handful of memories in a 10x10 storage unit, this is still being downsized.

My first friend, this was all her idea.
We will call her LDB, this is a women who paid off her two degrees and masters in a year, invested 100K in savings, has a monthly household savings account of 2k. If I was going to listen to anyone , it was going to be LDB.

LDB, offered her home and more.

I spoke with people that had room and loved my company,that could use a hand maintaining their home. The two locations are family orientated, meaning we eat as a family, clean as a family and work as a family. I bring in groceries just like the rest of the house, I do laundry, dishes..we work as a family.

During my stay, I will work full time, and be in university classes, some online and some in part time.
I will work on my company, for added income.

The first family is in the US, the couple have very large careers, and things get array in the up keep of the home and children.

The second home is like a paradise away from home, a bachelor with many family members in his communities, this person AJ, I asked for his help. I knew AJ a handful of years, he is sweet and kind and very committed to his family, I thought he would not only benefit from my stay, I would benefit also. Both places offer what I had in my home town of Terrace, BC, support, love and stability.

I then decided to blog about this process, this is a book that many would want to read, when I tell people I work with in the same profession as me, they are wowed! Many people are moving back in with their parents in Vancouver, to do this very same thing.

The hardest part of this process is saying No. Saying No to friends who want to go out for dinners and events and gatherings, saying No to people who need help- because you simply cant.
Saying No to things that seemed easy, like Yoga Class at 120 dollars a month and learning to do it on your own, Learning to say No to even a Gym and doing it at home. Eating for only a week at a time.

Doing things in your own vicinity to save on gas. Declining a drink after work.
All of these simple things are debilitating and emotional.

I have not yet saved any income, cleaning up current debt- but I feel I am on the road to success and this makes me feel awesome. I have started  my university courses, I am doing one at a time. The first of coarse is English!

This Blog Post is dedicated to the people who have supported me financially, mentally and physically; I Love You All

Chris Chicoine
Michelle Kofed
Lauren Price
Kelly Babbs
Zachary VanGenne
Kelly Vangenne & Family
Stephanie Jones
Cathy Konst
Laura Bennett
Darren Phillips
Branwen Willow
Ravi Gill
Bernie & Christine Goddard
Anna Wydra & Family
Andrew Jamieson

Gvix Signing Out- Keep it Real


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