Exploring...Week 3 Beginnings : 365 Days Rent Free, Suitcase Boarder

I decided to really take stock of this weekend to its fullest extent,  I needed some serious alone time and quiet time.

I spent Friday In Vancouver doing to some needed self care, I had allot of paperwork to deal with on my vehicle, toll fees, parking charges, all to renew the insurance-this took hours and hours, or so it seemed. I then went for wellness care, pedicure and foot massage, eyebrows nails..at the Happy Cheap Salon in the area we call Main street. Had a dinner at my sons restaurant. Was very lovely, but a long day.

 It was late when I headed back and I got pulled into the boarder for over a hour with long questions...Ugh

They asked very personal questions and I felt like I had done something wrong, I had nothing in my car, I work for Canadian federal government, back and forth everyday..I have stated the truth since I arrived..I don't get it. Sometimes they are just rude, like my friend forgot to give the guy the yellow slip and he leaned into her car and told her it required her to think. The guy on Friday, asked  the required questions, then asked why I just didn't stay in Canada, and i said because I am staying in Fern dale, then he said in a abrupt voice, I don't have time to talk to you your going in. It was 1030 there were no cars!
In the building I sat as the only person, to have them go through my car and decided to take a full hour. He says: "you are free to go" Like Ive just spent time in jail. So upsetting.

I was not going to let this upset me, and I went straight to bed at home to be up early to plan my exploring the next day. The choice was Fair haven Washington, A haunted little town with the ferry entrance to Alaska. The town takes pride on its Artisans. I read up on the brochure before I headed out. I was looking forward to the famous rosemary Bread with curd butter for 75 cents and Tony's famous Latte.

The town has many stories of it's haunting, and the buildings are very old. I sat on a patio for a few hours then walked all the way down to the water, went into all the art shops, most businesses had large murals on the walls , very kewl.

The plan was to go up to Washington University as well for a small trail run, however I had stuff to do.

After my little adventure I tackled the 6 bins of consignment clothing to go to the lovely owner at Labels. It was quite a procedure! I was happy to hear she can sell at least half of it, the rest went to donation.

 I wanted to also replace a pair of vintage "New Religion" jeans, I blew the ass out a week ago at a event and they were my Fav's, my plan was to find a pair of original "Hudson's" The rave here in the USA, well the girl went to the back and after trying on 6 pairs , she finally came out with newly distributed Hudson's! YAY, I paid a whooping 6.99 for 200 dollar jeans.

Labels runs many fashion shows to support women of abuse and after chatting for quite some time, the next one I may just be the make up artist for the event.

I then went home to tackle my room, I had to make a study area, as I have started the pre requisites for my teaching degree, if I go that route. My first trial lesson on language I got only 43%, I have to re do the entire chapter. It is very hard, harder than I thought.

Last stop of the evening, a great nightcap at Temple Lounge, always great house music, ambiance and great vibe. I have been here before many a time, and its a great place to find a quaint table and people watch. I walked down the block to find several sayings on the pavement. Walked by a punk band and a rap show, I love this area of Bellingham.

I ordered a Osa drink, tequila and a bunch of fruit, I find you can only have one drink here, the drinks are very good however they have 2 to 3 ounces in them.
I was surprised to see the waitress bring me another one, she said it was bought for me, I go to look in the direction and its a larger than life women- I held up the drink as a thanks..then i looked around and noticed there were quite a few gay women in the place tonight, some sort of social function?

I decided it was time to hit the rack, so I headed home for a well spent day :)

Some more kewl pics I leave with you, the Vietnamese Sandwich - supposed to be good.


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