108 Beads..

The beads that monks, Buddha's, Yogi's.. wear around their neck's and hand's, symbolize 108 beads, a perfect three-digit multiple of three, it's components adding up to nine. A number representing supreme balance, in Eastern cultures. In Western time's, these bead's often represent 108 beads of gratitude. You are to touch each bead and stat what you are thankful for right now, and all good things will happen.

Some time ago I went to see, Nithyananda, a Monk/Yogi, (try pronouncing that name.) Nithyananada believed that every thought a person had was a thought of the past, re inventing itself over and over..So all the thought's a person has are of the past, pain, worry stress...heartache were actually hindering your future thought's.
In order to have a full life , wonderful life filled with all the wealth, love and nurturing and adventure, you must re-program your way of life, and the way you think. Nithyananda still applied the same principles of Buddha, "We create our own path" this quote was still very much a part of his teachings.
The room was a vibration of chanting held in an Indian temple. Nithyananada was a outcast because he is Indian, but turned to Buddhist/ Monk. I was told I had to remove my shoes and sock's, so that I was grounded, when I was to meet the prince. Single file, most people he saw, were whispered something in their ear and he would touch the persons third shakra , the forehead...when I got up, I was at a loss for words.
He said..
You have three, he wrapped my hands in beads with walnuts, and around my neck a full walnut necklace and said..this one represents Love. Stay grounded my child, you have been threw too much. You are wise, please teach.
I knew then, I needed to go to Bali, India, Africa...one day, possibly Italy..I know it all sounds like Eat Love Pray-the movie...it does make sense..When you are broken, you lose your appetite..
You need to be filled with food( food is the soul)..You need to be wowed and then you need to be silenced and balanced, the book had a great meaning.
If you have a stash of national geo books, maps and books on endless travel...maybe there is some meaning there.
He then touched my forehead with red dye and kissed it after. I almost collapsed.
This story leads to my heartache. In western times. Someone leaving is never easy..you can put this in simple terms..
A reason, A season..or a lifetime, let them go, if they come back there yours...( I guess that means in western times they have a excuse to fuck while gone) Because it never seems right when they return, not in my experience anyway.
In Eastern times..You are shot,..lol..no-you learn to deal, communicate and create effective planning to make the relationship work. In some cases, you are shot however.
The beads of Love I gave to someone, and I told them touch them and think of 108 reasons of gratitude. I started to think of this today..
The 108 reasons of gratitude I have..and it went like this..
I am grateful I have a car to go for a long drive..see the sunset..travel to unknown lands..and that guy can take the fucking bus.
I am grateful that I am much stronger than most..and am grateful that I will move in the right direction and overcome this shit...
I am so grateful for my health, beauty and compassion for people, something that person doesn't have a clue a fucking clue about..
You see where this is going..lol Not a whole lot of positivity here..
Therefore a trip to the temple is necessarily. And riding my bike for the day instead of my car is also necessary, and realizing that even if you always try to think all good and positive..sometimes that shit just doesn't happen..and you have to let go and move on.
The best thing you can do when dealing with a breakup when you cant sleep or eat..if put on some good Bali chanting music and re-vamp your house. Be pretty every day. This does wonders for the ego. Leave the relationship as the good person, the person that held face, wished them well and had no negativity..heal much faster without negativity.
Work Allot...creating your earning creates success for better horizons..like in my case..Costa Rica..Queen Charlotte's, Nova Scotia..... Italian lessons ..fine dinning....Finishing my degree, being healthy in all aspects of my being.
Most importantly be happy with yourself and live to enjoy your time alone-I did this 4 years ago, so being alone is something I am good at.
Most important-get a good bill of health from the doctor, stress can kill you-don't let it happen, follow what the doc says and if you need sleep med's , depressive med's..whatever it is to lower stress..DO IT!.. I did have some trouble sleeping, nothing melitonan cant fix-least it natural.
breaking down the full day to small bits, to get through it. Keep it simple, meaning don't add massive change or direction at once-this will bring on more stress in the end. But do have a goal.
Find your friends, current old and new-and be with them.
Have sex-safely. This part is not my forte, the reason is - I for one, am safety girl due to my work, and I am fully capable of pleasing myself. I have had the romps in the hay, the moving on to another to get over another is just not my thing-I can move on with myself rather than use a body. So, how ever long you were in the relationship, divide it by two, that is how long it will take to get over the guy. Give yourself that time to heal yourself, If it was a ten year...well times running out..lol...You better just fuck around a bit.
So there you have it, Gvixen is Single again..and will write soon. I have decided to keep 101 nights archived for a more appropriate time.
I have much work to do, so my writings will come and go..
But I promise to always publish!:)
Signing off


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