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SWF seeks SM..Looking for a love affair that will last forever.
Must enjoy the outdoors, be physically fit, likes sports but will not ignore me if I'm in the room naked.
 Non smoker, Non drug user, Social drinker, on occasion.
Dating and friendship..possibly more. Likes Travel, enjoys sailing.
Can take at least 3 weeks off for vacation a year. 
Will share the covers. Do the dishes and cook on occasion.
Must not live with his mother, or vast amounts of roommates.
Must have vehicle and financially stable. Educated. Preferably more than high school.
Coffee Dates are out, so is walking on a beach.. because
I do not know you.
Preferable you have your own teeth and hair.
Casual Sex is out.
Must be funny, having a foot fetish is not funny.
Neither is wearing a corset in your private time.
Being in a separation, still at home with the wife and kids, also does not comply
If you are in recovery-You are still a addict-I counsel everyday. No thanks.
Emotionally absent and uncommunicative are a deal breaker for me.
I like a good fight, and make up sex.
You can be any where in the world, but you have to find me-and that is not from a third world country
telling me you need my name, full address, and number..that you have a estate or money to transfer-that just doesn't fly.
Telling me you want a loving relationship with me also, wont grant you even a hello-

PS I don't believe in dating sites, so if your on one-don't contact me.
Looking forward To meeting you:)

On a superficial Level: I prefer men that are at least 6 feet tall
nice smile, easy on the eyes, but not perfect, cause I most certainly am not.

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