Plenty of Fish Annual Dance Report

Well...POF Dance...
Yes I have some footage on video, that has to be edited, The location was swell..It was ugly night in the ladies department. That is without question. So..our table was quite popular. I will NEVER go to one of those things again. The Blasphemy and Boldness. I had a amazing time, considering I had something else on my mind all night. I scaled up the men in general, whoa..lonely hearts club..and well then their were the players..clearly some had too much to drink, I am not kidding on the ugly night. Hey everyone needs love thou right.

Transit was there, that was funny..the bus drivers of Vancouver all seem to be single for some reason..Out of Service means theyve had a bad night it seems, need to do a spin around the city a few times before they can deal with people again...and I will now quote my best friends story on Transit, These men should of been, Have a sit back its a goodie;

Why Mass Transit Can Never Save the Planet

By David F: It came to me today, while driving by a group of shivering, soaking wet people waiting for the bus: public transit will never be a workable solution to the problem of global warming, because as a general rule, women won't have sex with men who ride the bus. Even liberal women won't mate with transit riders...and the granola hippie chicks are the worst offenders, because for some inexplicable reason they find guys who drive those smog-spewing Volkswagen vans to be sexy. In any case, men know this. Whether consciously or instinctively, men are keenly aware that they stand to live a sex-free existence if they continue to ride the bus, and thus they are driven to purchase the very vehicles that could be responsible for killing the children they are hoping to conceive. And unfortunately, men also know that the more environmentally offensive vehicles are also positively correlated with the hottest mating opportunities. It makes it very difficult to do the right thing.

But I have a solution to all of this, for which I think all my liberal friends will be proud of me. We need to start a massive public education program, funded by huge corporate tax hikes, to change womens' minds about the sexiness of transit riding males. Tax incentives should be offered to women who voluntarily mate with bus riders, and there should be a luxury car sex tax instituted for chicks who choose to hook up with Ferrari drivers. In addition, there should be mandatory "transit studs" awareness classes put in place at all major corporate workplaces. Women who date, or better yet marry bus pass carrying employees should be offered preferential access to the highest paying corporate positions. And those caught cheating with Humvee drivers should be summarily dismissed, or at the very least, publicly humiliated.

Unless these changes are instituted immediately, mass transit will never be a workable solution to global warming, since the inevitable side effect would be the extinction of the human race. The End

There was one guy, standing by our booth, no glowing bracelet-not a POF person..and after glancing over several times, he said hello. He was UK. After a brief conversation about the shenanigans of the pub, he was going to make sure I was his date for the evening-I give the guy credit, extreme credit. Very charming..and defiantly a cock block too any other men that may want to say Hi or even look my way. I pretty much told him I am a writer, just there to support a friend and get information on the dating scenes in Vancouver. This seemed to peak the man's interest even more, at the end, he said "you take my number now, yeah the accent was said"little ones at home, got to go now" I said are you married?, he said, "yes sure" I repeated myself, "are you married"
He said, "did I blink, yes sure, you want lie, or truth? you call me dear lara. He leaves, thank gawd.

Then comes back, walks up to me and grabs my face and ..well.. I was kinda shocked.
..then he says, "this is how we do, back home, last dance?"
I could not stop laughing, but seriously this is the kind of men women need out there, a no bullshit guy-
At least he's honest,  I do question if hes honest with his wife, probably not. I told the man I was extremely wounded and although he may think I am a sweet little bird, I certainly was not. He assured me this was because "I have no cock"..LOL

I said, I assure you I do, did, I have..recently, cant really forget about it in one night either..Oh fun times.
Somehow a small dark..elf like creature ended up at our booth ranting about vegan ism and saving the world, and his career was working in the federal government, but stated several times he did not graduate high school. The creepy, beautiful Milan looking boi, who clearly had a fetish for older women, feet and men. He fancied my friend who was probably 25 yrs older, commented on my feet several times, and then would not stop commenting  on the transit dude with the well manicured chops on his cheeks. Then somewhere in the evening he actually said he'd sleep with him..ugh.. Elf man ended up in my car..on the way to Squamish, he asked " Do you live in whistler? then my Friend said, yeah where you going???

Shit-thought they were to drunk to notice. Elf boy was blabbing in the back..blah blah blah..and blabbing in all sorts of accents..think i heard australian..the hood lingo..why don't I come to your house, he says to my friend...Then leans over and looks into the side of my head while Im driving and says..You are soo pretty..why are you soo alone-Like what the fuck does that mean!!! He can see my soul, Elfman should go back to Santa. When we finally reached our destination to dump him on Davie street, he told us we were lesbians because we didn't want him. We concluded he was homeless.

We went to MacDonalds, and my friend was kind enough to point out the landmark tree I vomitied on two months ago. This is why I dont drink much, now every time I drive to davie and bute I will see that tree-

My friend had dated one of the transit dudes, and he was nice enough to pre-warn her that he had slept with the entire bar, and some women may be edgy..Nice..Gross! He whispered we should be wary of a 6 foot redhead, as last time she dumped a drink over his head. I saw Big Red, it was not a cougar, it was the grand grizzly with a red overcoat of bush head. I actually think it was a man.

I knew this dude had somehow...Somehow..convinced my cute blond friend to suck his dick at some point.
So after my 3rd drink, and full of hatred on men in general, I walked up to him and said"
"seriously?, you have disgusting taste in women dude" why don't you just find a hole in a wall, in a rat infested bar and fuck, He said"what?" I cant hear you?
Shit. 5 drinks later I tried again, hey you have disgusting taste in women- He said, I fucked your friend.
I said, "sure did, good thing shes sober now" Asshole.

I have concluded that there is something wrong with everyone on POF-Even myself. I think mine is that I am
thinking that something could amount to something, I have too much hope and faith and I am dam gullible. I love the idea of love to much, when really love comes later...true love, value respect and friendship.
I Have come to understand, I quite like myself alone-so waiting is not so bad. It is worth the wait, I did not follow my own rule, this last time- maybe that was the problem. I did not give myself 10 dates...when I questioned things that I felt were red flags, I ended up defending myself in the end.

The red flags are your gut-In my case, my gut told me..hes still still looking -why?
However, this could also mean, I am bored, can this work-shes not in my world (this happens allot for me, I work..all the dam time)

When a man is truly interested in a person he meets on a dating site, he closes his account, he calls you-you do not call him, he finds you..he makes himself present in your world. Till you feel comfortable for his. You defiantly talk about what your intentions are.

None of the men I have met have been clear-not even myself! Therefore I vow to just put it out there!!
I am looking to travel the world with someone, live till I am old, and exchange vows. Period. So if someone shows commitment issues or emotionally unavailable. It just wont work for me anymore.

POF may as well be a meat market bar with a label on it.

I love talking to crazy people, and have made wonderful friends in past-

Signing off



  1. Single always did look better on you. Somehow you were more 'real' when you didn't have that relationship thing in your eyes like some curtain holding back the view into your soul. You have a beautiful soul. Show it off and when you find the guy that likes the curtains open well...

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  4. I do not blame POF actually..I have 3 close male friends from there actually, you must be a loser who I never responded to. I just know that the MAJORITY of persons on the site cannot get a date in daylight, the others are like me..busy and hoping. The fuck ups I meet are awesome, I write about it..and that does not mean they are fuck ups-means they are not for me. As far as assuming I serial date or spread my legs-
    check yourself asshole. The person I dated last I talked to for sometime, dated for a bit, and felt safe-
    I went off POF.. because I believe best relationships are made in life-not on a computer screen-least you can see their expression.

    2012 is awesome- I am in my New Years Now.

  5. lol - feel better?

  6. I must apologize for hurting the feelings of a good friend and wonderful girl. In my rush to conclusion I did not bother to learn all the facts or trust the girl that I have come to know to make good decisions, which she did. It came from a place of love but got mangled on the way to my keyboard which is why some of us write and some should stick to reading.
    Luv ya hun!

  7. Oh fuck I knew it was you, your pissed..I know the last write up sounded like I gave in too quick, and ok..maybe I did-owning up here.
    The person, I met ..well it was kinda special immediately. Before I met him. crazy I know..I read about that shit happening..

    Anyway, nuff said.

    Im tired.


  8. Oh Tom, How I miss you so...Promise next time yer in Van or Kamloops you will look up me and Kelly.


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