30DC- 01 to 04

Day 1 Eve

  • Made massive lunch( I do have to pack some Turkey there is just to much)
  • Packet energy veggies, juice, vitamins
  • Packed Gym/Runners Bag for UBC Gym n Track at 630 am
  • 1 hour of LITS Done( Leave it tomorrow shit)
  • Bedtime program:
  • 20mins of stretch Yoga
  • 15 min meditation
  • 10 breaths n 8oz of H20
  • Actual Bedtime 1030PM

Here we go!

I made it!! I got up at 530 and was at UBC by 630 sharp, ran around the track on Ross Drive, school security man let me into the brand new gym by 730 and I did a massive workout. feeling great!
Followed food plan till 3pm, and then I was very sleepy- got home and felt so tired I wanted to die. Had a two hour nap-FUCK

Didn't sleep well all night. :(

Well the only thing stinky was me...:(
cause it was Shark Day...
Probably the worse period of my life..
no getting up at 5am, I slept till 7am... My friend decided that evening, that this was a good time to do taxes, however I had to get a massive folder ready for a important interview by the morning..I realized I forgot to fill out one of the massive documents..we were at it till 1am, with little achievement in the taxes due to printer mishap, CD mis-load and too many years of unfilled taxes. 
I could barely move all day...This lasted till  Wednesday, Day 3...
The food plan also went down the drain....On Wednesday I was late for everything, I made it to the interview that was two hours long and incredibly challenging, don't even know how I did. bleeding like a stuck pig, went home and slept 2 hours..FART..
I got up and went for a very long walk with Fat Sushi (the pug) and that was the high light of my exercise for that day. 

Sitting at my desk looking at one of my grandsons massive solid chocolate Bunny's, a 30 minutes later I was off to Winners...feeling sick...so sick in fact I almost passed out. I sluggishly made it to the car and sat for a bit. I realized I had forgotten to eat dinner...because ...
I ate the entire bunny. and was now having a diabetic attack.

I went back home and quickly wolfed down a Greek Salad, two helpings and a large glass of apple juice.

Today I was back on track..I did not get up at 5am, as I was pretty run down by Shark day,
I did do some lean soup (unfortunately with some turkey :0 ) I made a whole bunch of food that is required for type 2 diabetes, I made it to work at 7 and managed to do a 30 min walk, got home did a 2 hour walk in the evening, lots of stretches today to have a good fresh start for tomorrow.

Shit happens, Shark Days happen.
Its all fine
Gvix Signing off


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