Love Quotes

I see…
My hands are soo dirty, but clean
Oh my god, your hands are soo dirty yet clean..
And on my ass…oh my

I feel
"What day is today? "I say: Umm Jan 15th?
Yes Jan 15, 2010...TODAY IS GONE!
Happiness, embrace it, today is gone, it’s gone Laura
Be happy love it, love life…you are here! Alive well
Embrace it, do yoga. I am telling you, change your life
I say: I know.."just be be love..when we are love all is good.."

I hear
Wankin..The bank had no real lyrics. No real rhyme
In my industry that is called wankin..Regardless talented and
Much deserving for a good review.

I feel
Hi beautiful, I love the hat, my friend like just picked up
These two girls see him, soo boring; please sit awhile, just as you are
Where are you from? I need to know everything about you.
Outside on cell later..
Hiii..Hi talking to my sister, come over get warm in my coat doll...
You are so little…

I hear.../see
We have been waiting for like 20 mins now; I think something is going on
Yeah, they are doing it in the men’s bathroom
No way. She wouldn’t do that her husband is here somewhere..
Couple stumbles out, kisses separates..
I told ya…wow

I hear..
I know I am from Africa, and in our culture age has no bearing. I come here
And see lots of beautiful older women, I do not think this is of relevance. We are all beautiful
Age is only a circumstance.. discussions of a cougar in the bar with a 20 something..

I feel.
.Its fine, it’s only my big toe. Lightly touches my arm..Really I am fine
Are you enjoying the evening? Hahah I am so in love. It’s good yes and new
I hear.. drums tonight..only the rythmic sound of feet tapping
I cant believe you just said that!Do you not know I love you? Ever time Nigal
Everytime...I hear glass
I feel...

I smell..
Cigar. Sweet rich spirits. And Armani for men or. Dolce...
Italian district, commercial drive…Libra room
Someone smells me..Touches shoulder
To move past….great vibe
Signing off to a Fab weekend and AKA Still Single!
Thanks daneil.., Simon...Cause I know my name is Simon!


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