Scholarship Finished Project!

The meeting was held at Mainstream head office. I was excited because we had a guest speaker who was new to our association she was coming from Montreal, her name was, Cinthia.
During our meeting we went through the typical health and safety policies about how to make our residences safe and secure, energy saving costs, and new polices within our chapter.

Our guest speaker was going to introduce the “Can you dig it “garden ideas. Cinthia is the new director of this program and we were all excited to hear talk about her plans. The Can you dig it gardens is a community garden that we first started with our persons served in the community, with teachings and growth in developing a garden.
After training our persons served, they would learn how to integrate and tend to a garden into the community. Teaching being the nature of our program, we bring our persons served into community living, and invite the community into our lives.

Needless to say we were all very excited. Only a few selected residences would be chosen, and to my surprise I was one of them!! We have two very large garden beds at our residence and this would be our chance to grown fresh-.herbs, flowers and vegetables.

Having a garden, a 100% natural one, also means that we would be also giving back to our community and also creating a social fun setting for all of us. This would also be a method of going green. We will not be using any pollutants and more natural resources in hopes that our garden will be a main food source, In our specific home we have been working with a nutritionist for some time.
Having a natural vegetable menu plays a key factor in our residence’s lives.

I also wanted to promote art in our garden. We will make items out of natural staples that we have there. When we cleaned one of the plots and trimmed our Kiwi tree- yes we have a Kiwi tree growing here in BC, many thin like twigs were available. These twigs will be used as sustainably sourced wood products for the garden, from planters to worm boxes, which create natural toxins for our garden. An organic lawn or garden starts with healthy soil. Natural fertilizers that will promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, earthworms and fungi that build soil structure and foster healthy plants.

The best fertilizer for your lawn and garden is homemade compost, made from food scraps, lawn clippings and fall leaves; we have all these tools from the winter to have a fresh start to a greener garden.

We are readily equipped with wooden tools so that becomes a benefit to use a tool that is natural. I will be looking into the benefits of using floating row covers, this forms a physical barrier between plant and pest, thereby reducing the amount of pesticide needed in the garden, this also provides for more even germination by preventing excessive water evaporation from the soil, reducing overall irrigation needs. It also protects seedlings from larger pests like rabbits, birds, and deer.

I had already been mulling over the idea of going green, this would include changing all light bulbs, buying new cleaners and making a Green List for my residence.
As all this excitement was taking place, I had already downloaded national Geographic’s guide to going green and solutions for our residence. It was almost like the universe was listening to me when I saw the question in this essay application. I am living the green.

Some of the more simple things we can do, are walk instead of drive, which we implemented quite some time ago, change our light bulbs. I will be using all paper bags for our waste, and we also will utilize compost from the city. We will have to do research into cleaning products; we currently use water and vinegar to clean all our surfaces in our kitchen. At night we spray with Bleach and leave ten minutes and then re-clean the surface, this is to prevent infection, we have not found a suitable product as of yet.

I also decided to start a Green chart for my persons served, and this would be a vision board of all the things we will need to change for the year. The garden covered our carbon foot print to giving back to the community and also consumption of all naturally grown substances. It’s a start!

Next would be our cleaning and electrical, we will also need to monitor our water consumption. I also wanted to go through the person care items of the house, another project would be to make natural soaps and hand creams! I learned this fun idea working for an aromatherapy lady some time ago. If we were going to go green, why not make all natural products!

Last year I went to a Hydro seminar, which gave me energy saving tips and also a water measure funnel like tool that goes in the lawn to determine how much water the lawn needs and also the intake. I will be making a trip to BC Hydro to see if they will provide these tiny gadgets for all our community gardens within our association. Why not go green across the board rather than just one residence!

I read up on cleaners, we are continuously reviewing cleaning supplies in our field, it is important that germs are completely destroyed, due to the fact that some of our persons served have lower immune systems than we do. While reviewing the National Geographic site, there was a small article on some cleaning suggestions. I would have to present this to the board for approval, due to being in a licensed home-however what I found most interesting in this article is stated below on the next page:

Avoid unsubstantiated and vague claims, such as "natural," "organic," "ecologically friendly" or "non-toxic." The term "biodegradable" is meaningless on cleaning products, as most substances will eventually break down given enough time and the right environmental conditions.
Look for cleaners in large containers or bulk packages, and buy concentrates, which use less water.
Although most cleaners don't list ingredients, you can learn something about a product's hazards by reading its label. Defined by the CPSC, the warning labels "Danger," and "Poison" indicate that a product is corrosive, flammable or combustible, irritating or a strong sensitizer, and that they have the potential to cause serious personal injury or illness during, or as a result of, normal use. Products labeled "Danger" or "Poison" is typically most hazardous, while those bearing a "Warning" or "Caution" label are moderately hazardous.
Look for products packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic or cardboard. 5.
When you get home, leave all products in the original packaging, which should provide instructions for use and any cautionary and first-aid information.

If I were to go green without researching my topic at hand here, I would be the first person to look for “Organic” or Naturally Clean!

One of the items suggested in the national geographic green book, is to save energy by replacing our
Refrigerator and other appliances with a more energy saving model, this is just something we can’t do in our budget; however we nightly monitor the temperatures and consumption. This may be a future goal of our society in the residences that are purchased by Mainstream. I will be discussing a “Plan of Action”
To replace the appliances, maybe a green fundraiser! However mainstream has quite a large amount of
residential homes, and it would be a fairly large project depending on the amount of homes that already have ,the newer appliances.

Well this is the story of how Lionsview would be green for a year; the story is factual and is taking place right now! The scholarship is for me to have credibility on paper for the career I so love that I am already involved in. I actively take part is societies as a blogger, mostly in art communities and charity events,
This style of writing is elementary, but always seems to keep the reader entertained, factual events
Put into story format. I hope you enjoyed my essay, and will consider me for the application!
To finally finish my degree!




  1. I am so proud of how far you have come since starting this carreer,you have found your space in the world and that is not a small thing,your a star my little

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