VPD Training

Just a thought..VPD, why not? I am a Community Service Provider in Mental Disabilities.

So I have seen some bizarre and odd experiences to say the least. Most of my work is in high behaviors. I am a female, minority. I have way to many certificates and physical training within the non violent crisis area, so why not, pay is good-part of a team..I get to go target shooting.

Something I loved with my dad, at the range.

So here I go starting, the probably 1 year process. So I researched more physical training, like I did with corrections. I decided I might as well take advantage of my company's corporate rates on Steve Nash, YYoga and Jazzercise. I went to the location of Steve Nash and they did "The Assessment"

"The Assessment consists of standing on a machine with hardly any cloths on that reads your mind and your body. We will call this machine DICK.

Dick says I am extremely dehydrated, so dehydrated I might as well be a lizard. I am in a good weight frame for athlete training. My electrolytes can be worked on. I have more body fat than muscle..even in my small frame.

The Head trainer then sits down with me and asks me what my goals are, I tell her, 6 weeks of intense physical training for the VPD. The head trainer says well we just happen to have your guy on site, are you ready for a workout today?I said yes, she says Great I am going to sit you on the bike for 20 minutes till Mike is ready for you.

As I sit myself on the bike, I tell the trainer, I normally warm up on the treadmill-Oh you will be fine here she says, stay within 70-85rmp..I am like ..ok.

5 minutes I am fine, then the bike seems to have a mind of its own, I feel like I am mountain biking up a mountain and can barely keep within the 70-85 range, and my crouch is pinching.

I stop, to try to re adjust, A cute bright eyed guy comes over and says, whenever you put yourself on the bike you line your hip up with the seat, and he re adjusts me ..boy do I feel like a tool!

Mike the trainer says Hi, I am puffing away, I ask do you want me to stop? nope, keep going Mike says as he takes a full look over my body-How embarrassing, the guy was like 27 or something. I am just going to ask you a few questions and then we'll get started. He asks age, weight, goals..blah blah

I finally get off the bike and notice I have a huge couple of sweat marks..I wont say where.

He tells me he has trained mostly RCMP, He asked what my time frame was, I said Nov 30.

He was like, and you will not have another cigarette after today correct? I said, what? Yeah you smoke. I tried to not let this bother me and look at this situation like, now or die.well, So I stare at him with a dead stare and say"AbSoluTely Mike"Thinking to myself, great the entire time now I am going to want a cigarette-you want things people tell you not to have. FARKK

Mike says after the strength, cardio and core testing I will not want to smoke anyway,

He starts me with some, what appears to be easy squats. legs apart, toes pointed out, arms together, like your kissing the wall, and spreads my legs farther apart..omg..and all the way down- I did good on this part. Felt a little exposed in my white tank top with a black bra and short shorts-I just grabbed whatever-I was busy today, never thought Id be paired with a male actually.

And so we move on...

As many military push ups in 1 Min's- I did 15, not bad.. I think to myself, onto the sit ups as many as I can in 1 Min's, I have the immediate sensation to pee, but I keep going....I did the real ones 25 in total, not bad. Chin ups from ground level, legs extended arms apart-20-very good apparently.

Overall: I have OK upper strength, my muscles are to tense to train-there for I have to find a partner to assist in stretching. He manually did all my stretching, as he moved me-he kept saying man, you are in knots. I then went to work, depressed, ate lunch and threw everything up.

I recently had the flu,.I am still dehydrated and mentally exhausted from the week of stress.
Earlier today I had a meeting at my Head office, those meetings never are great-this added to my stress.

I am confident that I will get the training I need however, I was very impressed with the whole two hour thing. Even if I did get sick, I think my sadness today came from feeling like I can't find time-knowing all the changes I need to make for me, and for this last year my life has been consumed with helping a small village it seems. I have burn out all ready. So I intend to really focus on my health this week.

There have been a few major illnesses among friends and family, and also two deaths due to poor quality of living, sadness and just carelessness-Life is short
Work Hard, Play Hard was always my motto...
I am changing this today..

Live Love Laugh..Work to inspire..
Signing off ..

PS: For any of my male fans, who have lame fantasy's of me in a uniform and cuffs..
I wont be in that area of expertise I am afraid, don't get excited.



  1. well is it bad I already pictured you in the uniform with cuffs :)



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