Love Affairs should last forever...

A man has been married for over 25 years, he has provided for his family, he is tired and worn and wonders where his life and dreams have gone..After work he decides to visit his Italian friend who owns the Bistro down the street, for perhaps...a cigar and a bourbon to contemplate life as he closes up shop.
"She is dead I tell you!" he says to his no , mi simple have to grab her by the waist look into to her eyes...and dance...

The man of 25 years marriage yells, you are crazy, why would I do something as ridiculous as that?She will just push me away and go back to her god dam cleaning or whatever she does..she scurries around all the time like avoiding me" I should just leave, I know I will leave her my last 300 bucks and be done with it, oh fuck my life to hell!

The Italian friend says, now you are really about the bullshit shit my friend..there is still time my friend, tomorrow you will take my best recipe you will cook for her for once in your life, take a day off for Christ sake, you will take this..he hands him his wine from Italy, you will put on this music and in the middle of dinner you will grab her hand and pull her close and dance, look into her eyes and say nothing.

The man of 25 years says, I cant dance! The Italian says you fuck? you dance..all is well, this will come to you. Oi already I am done for the night, and the man leaves the bistro.
The next evening he does just as the Italian instructed.

His beloved friend decides he wants to see what happens and watches from a window below..
She laughs at first as he takes her hand...he has her and she is bright like a star..
He realizes he is instantly in love with her..and his heart breaks a little.
Her eyes are bright..and she rests her head on his shoulder for a second...she says softly"Henry where did we go?"
Then like a bolt of lighting, she says oh this is ridiculous shuts off the music pushes him and starts to clean up. Henry protests ..come here, be with me..he pleads, be with me please.
The years of resentment for raising the kids and caring..have taken over her.
The lights dim...

The next day Henry drops dead.
At the funeral, the Italian beloved friend, gives his condolences..his tells the widow..I have waited 35 years for you and we shall live another 30 every day your days will be sunshine.
The tale continues and the Italian work's everyday to overcome Shirley McClain's years of distrust, years of bitter and in the end..they are around 65 and marry. This was the movie 1992-Used People.

Have you ever dated someone from Europe? or even someone with a European background..your first days are a wind world romance filled with love sex, surprises.
Pare, Italy and Spain are all the country's that are about love..we read this all the time..and it always rings true like a fairy tale.

A man who will grab your waist spin you around or hold you close at home or in public is a good man, A man that will cook you a meal that leaves you wanting possibly something more, chills the wine and has flowers on the table is quite a gem.
Women of today are consumed with money and power..and have forgotten real simple traits..
men think all women care about are money and power and have given up.
Both men and women have simply forgotten...

To Live Laugh and above all means...Play

This movie touched my soul and my heart....
Try if you dance when no ones will do wonders
I promise.



  1. hey hon read it over I spotted a couple of errors for instance what country is Pare??


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