Writers Riddle.....

The day the earth stood still...(C) was when I decided to make a haste exit to the boys room and jerk my junk for a few seconds..I was a HockeyVille in Terrace and about to meet some stars, do the good dad Samaritan act by getting a handshake or two...I heard someone come in, I stopped playing with the palm sisters and quickly pulled up my pants, to my surprise Shane O'Brian was in the bathroom, I peeked out the slot of the stall, "shit I gotta get a autograph!" I tried desperately to dry my hands on the toilet paper, and burst open the door to say Hi..to my surprise the bathroom door opened too, and all the publicity paparazzi was standing their taking pics of me shaking Shane's hand.

The next day in the paper there I was with a shit eating grim shaking hands with Shane and a nice long piece of TP dangling from my hand! my neighbour came over the next day and said "Dude! shake it once that's fine, shake it twice that's OK, but 3 times dude you were defiantly playing with yourself!!!(R) I said, " "shake the hand that shocked the world!" (N)

I was soo humiliated that when I approached my son I said...I wonder what people will think in the middle of the day, if we dressed as night people? (J) this meant I was going to mummy myself in black..I was a sheep among my peers..not a leader!

However, I am a pretty creative guy, I kid you not for most of my life, I have gone further because somebody else thought I could. (S)

Later that day, my wife told me she was going to wash the hippy,( R) that's attractive? I cant be that barbaric..its the normal human nature functions that make us actually human not living in some facade, I love the fact that I can tell my wife that I farted and be OK with that.

When the power of love, over comes love of power, we will have peace..(B) yeah I'm even deep! However I will Never make out with my wife after giving cunnilingus..that's just wrong.(A)

To all my facebook friends that gave me one liners..here's your short storey, your initial is by what you said..I hope you like it!
GVixen "Laura"


  1. who is the duy who wrote this,whoever he is he talks about his wife,so spill,who is it?


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