The New FaBuLous Yuppie Girl

I was raised with healthy food, meat potato's, veggies, good bread... all the things that the media says will kill you today. I have changed my food preference, but only because I had to.

I want to be the new Yuppie  Girl!!! God dam it!! If I eat this crap, will I look like them? Be radiant and happy all the time?..hmmm..probably not. However I can have this behavior, easy peasy..all good things happen when you have a great attitude.

I was running late today, my little lunch that I did have exploded in my  lunch kit-its between pay periods, I took a week off and feel like I am rubbing two bread sticks together because of not having my typical veggies for juicing, my fancy salads and wraps per day. I had frezzer defrosted turkey stew that had escaped threw out my bag.

She entered the room, with radiant skin, and yogi clothing, linen carefree pants, a cool long sweater top thingy..little fabric shoes, I was thinking to myself, she must not do what I do, as I sat in my cargo pants, runners and 3 layers of sweatshirts, zero makeup- that's right boys, no sexy pencil skirt or specks when I go to work, I'm full on action with my kids.

Fortunately I was put to the task of baking the class pumpkin seeds, just before lunchtime, the staff room, they always have treats, cookies, fresh veggies for staff. I was in the new supermarket in this school. As I looked I couldn't help but sample everything, it was heaven to my mouth. A cute little girl caught me in the action. "What are you doing Mrs G?" I could only describe this little girl, like this picture I found on the internet.

This is the new, granola based, whole food child with actually 100 dollar Ecco leather calf boots on, with the hippy, retro look.- Adorable right?
Mothers are teaching there children early to eat like what our vegans taught us, clothing quality at any cost and chemically enhanced hair-oxy moron or what?

The lunch boxes are full of many many cute little containers, filled with nuts, berries, assorted seaweed and herds, and lastly a large Thermos of organic, gluten free noodles. I think about the horrible lunches I made for my kids, cheese and baloney, one time I found my son had stolen boxes of jello powder and took it in his lunch, the teachers must of thought I was on crack.

"What are you doing Ms G" "Are the seeds done?, you didn't add salt did you?" I looked at the child like she was my mother..I actually added about 2 tablespoons of the sea salt, from the cranker on the counter, but said nothing".I am just having a....a snack," suddenly I felt completed to explain my whole situation to the 6 year old. :" Annie, I m diabetic and I thought while I was making the class seeds \I would have a snack because my sugar levels are quite low today" Realizing in the moment, the child probably would have no idea what I was talking about, Annie said.." should have 100% juice then, I am sure our cafeteria lady would be happy to give you one, I sure hope you have a tester thing with you, see you in class Ms G!"

I was stunned...bugger..:/
Holy crap did that just happen?

This week I very much wanted to see what my friend writes about "Helicopter Parent" Dam it, I could not find the story, so I posted this article instead.

I did see a helicopter parent today, it actually was quite horrifying..It was recess, the 8 year old boy was trying desperately to get away from his mother while she force fed him Asian noodles, all his friends were laughing, she zipped his coat up to the neck line and put a fire mans rain cap on his head, (it was not raining earlier today) I secretly sent him telepathic message "scream no!, have a tantrum on the playground, I got your back kid" I could see the emotionally absent Asian husband clearly in my mind..ugh..its real, I hope that my boys thank me some time, that I was never at their school in recess, lunch or even parent teacher nights most times..all these years of guilt for providing for my kids and working 3 jobs, Id rather be a stressed out working parent than this parent. or..a parent who found Mr Right, and was happily married and he took on his share of parental duties...I thought it was only in the movies, but no..I see dads all the time going to morning reading time..coming to drop off lunch..and staying after the bell to shoot baskets..

So as I was saying the list of yummy samples I did try...

Granola Girl

Made in Vancouver, cute pink packaging and the perfect yuppie girl logo, however when I Googled the creator it was a women who apparently excels in marketing, not Caucasian-that's all I'm going to say about that.Granola Girl, tastes like all the other plain granola I have tasted, quite delicious, probably 10 bucks a bag. Its like the Holy Crap food- great marketing!
The Official Granola

Rosemary Raisin Crisp by Open Nature- Amazing Balls! Had them before, buy them often even if there is only 12 in a box and cost 6 dollars, except I buy Rain coast.

Le Dain Des Fleur's-Organic Chestnut Crisp Bread-yummy

Kozy Shack Dessert-Barf, I was scared to try it, its lumpy.

Teriyaki Veggie Krunch by Alive & Radiant, looks like marijuana, tastes so good, I refrained from eating the entire bag.

Snack Salad Snap Peas-by Calbee - Very tasty and delicious

Dried granny smith apple crisps by Bare Fruit-I have decided that I will have these in a large bag at all times.
My idea of a healthy snack for iron levels for me was boring, my juice and my dried seaweed snacks, I am soon to find out that there are assorted flavors and organic ones..? isn't seaweed organic?
The best snack I have also tried recently is USANA cookies and treats,the all natural energy drinks-
today was a day I really needed a supplement to manage my low blood sugar, and yes I raided the staff room-what a educational experience, and expensive one:(

Definition of a Yuppie
Acronym for Young Urban Professional. Group whose culture blends the hippie/counterculture values of the 60s and the materialistic monetary-based values of the 80s. Usually congregate in Starbucks, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and a wide variety of vintage clothing boutiques. Includes both moderate Liberals (Majority of yuppies), and moderate Conservatives (smaller group of yuppies), although both the far left and the far right enjoy dissing them.
far left dude: I hate these damn yuppies! They claim to be "artists" and "bohemians", yet their materialistic pursuits embody the very antithesis of the counterculture, and price real "artists" like me out of the neighborhoods they move to!

far right dude: I hate these damn yuppies. I can't stand they flaunt their metro sexuality with their designer labels, lattes, luxury cars, and globally conscious health food stores.

I am over joyed that are children of today are getting the education on healthy eating, and am stunned that I have had children refuse treats, so what do they do on Halloween? " Trick or treat, organic known only please!" at the door?

Well that was my day...
Had a splendid afternoon nap dreaming I could travel the world and write about it
and woke up to Sushi the fat Pug Snoring

....Follow the Yellow Brick Road.....
Gvix Signing off..


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