Attention Deficit Disorder

There are some real qualities with people who have ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder.  You can get several tasks done at once. Persons are typically creative and thinking outside the box. I know this because I have it. I have a bright multi purpose resume. You learn to use it with age, but then again as I look at my wine, ..water..I wonder.

I am insanely funny to a normal person. Because I am insanely funny, the work day can been either funny or frustrating.

I am working with one of those people who thinks  "Squared"
A example of this is, "you stack the box from left to right, up and down, until you have a perfectly square neat tidy space. However, did they ever consider if you needed a box from the middle at any given moment? no, I thought not. I am in a cleaning job, a fairly difficult one.With long hours..My partner worked methodically from left to right until the two areas were sparkling clean.

I worked in one space..from books, to shelving to the bedroom floor to bagging to organizing 3 bins, to back to the bathroom. Apparently she went home laughing at me. I didn't pay any notice, till I went back to the job in the evening and quietly laughed at myself all the way home. My intent was to clear and clean a floor space that has to be accessed for a rip out, meaning the floor will have to be ripped out and inspected.

I started in the main corner and moved along the wall cleaning the floor in a strip downward, but as I am moving along, the wall  dirty, so I clean the wall, then realize shit I might as well go up and do the windows, and then thought, they are not going to see that area with the bookshelf, and then stopped and bagged 10 bags of books into the middle of the living room, sweat pouring down every core of my ass crack..I realize Id made a huge mess. I looked around after a 10 hour day, and said to myself, I'm done. and left.

You see in my mind I was thinking how clean the bookshelf would look , once done and on the other wall, but what I never thought about was how many books were actually on that shelf and that every single one was filthy:(

Another point I'd like to make-I am always right in the morning..just so the universe knows, I am correct.
I don't give a rats ass if you send a previous text that was incorrect or you phara phrase some incorrect thing I said last week, know this. I am correct in the morning, because if I am not right, you will have a grouch monkey on your hands for 2 hours till the coffee kicks in.
I have five half written books, and a million idea\s to add to them, this is frustrating. Maybe this is why my 5 books are not published..loll

God forbid I should ever have distractions in the bedroom, how ever that hasn't happened for a  very long time.

Both my kids have some signs of ADD, my eldest, they wanted to put on Ridlen, I put him in hockey, it did the trick..4 am wake up call, he was tired before school started. My youngest just starts things and doesn't finish.

The best part is conversations, my boss politely said to me many times "Can we stay on topic." I tend to come up with a experience after every god dam sentence.I don\t mean, to it just happens.

I take pride that I'm unique and in my own special category, I have the ability to learn anything.
Sometimes I  don't listen all that well, but I think I am just fed up with the human race in general, and also I listen the same way a a man does, while you are asking me how I feel, I am thinking about what colored panties I need to buy to make the outfit I have just bought be seamless..or something like that.

I have to say at times I really thought it was a problem, that there was something wrong with me.
This week has proven to show otherwise. My communication can be rushed at times, with the new yoga meditation it allows me to clear my head. In past, sometimes my communication was unclear.

I never would say this in past, but the positive mantras from yoga, have truly blessed me this week. I am also reading a book on positive effect. Any type of negative comment or energy this week , I just said something positive.

So when the big day came for me to take a old employer to court for mis treatment and slander, bulling and heartache.a year in waiting,.all that positive stopped and as I listened to all the accusations silently, I tried to think deep in my hear,t that I knew who I was. Surprisingly, I won..I was asked to leave the court room.

A few minutes later the judge came down, and said,  "I am truly sorry for what you have been threw, all files related to your disciplinary will be removed and you shall receive a full months pay as compensation".
He told the company they were a poor excuse of a company, for accredited mental health professionals and they should seriously look at there management teams.

There were a few employees from the same company..and all there cases were cleared. I feel I did justice by standing up for myself. I cried and hugged the judge and my union rep, it was 10 years of crap. It has been one hell of a week. I feel like I can finally start the life I was intended to do.

More good news came this week, I somehow managed to start my own business, linked with all my transferable skills and the company I work for. .I won a business phone line, and I have been approved for a work truck. I am elated.

Family matters seem to be at a even keel, my work is amazing. It is all coming together. I have been approved to Homes for Humanity,  In Africa, which was inspired by a good friend. Hopefully this falls into place.

and back to the you see a pattern here? like how many things are going on at once right
I truly have never been so satisfied in the career as I am in now, even if I'm exhausted, it\s nice to know I can say, That's it for today! finish tomorrow.

Personally I like people with ADD best :)
GVix Signing off


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