Rediscovering Your Why-

Day 2 of the 10 day blog Challenge.

What is Freedom to Me? Why Do I want to live a life of freedom and how will this impact the lives of others, or how do I think it will?#10DBC #freedomplan

Sometimes when you scream to the universe that things are just not working, things happen. I get grief all the time from friends, why do you broadcast your life on line? I had one person stat that I was embarrassing talking about how broke I was, how life was just a shit show in Vancouver, I wrote several Posts called, 365 Days Rent Free, as a Suitcase Boarder.  I had just given up and refused to pay rent any longer for a year.  I put this in my blog to the universe and instantly my life changed. There is one difference, that people over look about me and hardships. I am a survivor, I am positive, and I know that it will always work out- ALWAYS. I banned relationships of any kind with men, I was fed up in that department also.

Friends opened their doors, I put things in storage, I worked odd jobs, Canada Post, Outreach , Contract jobs- Pure Freedom. I realized I didn't need my stuff. I was able to clear my head without having the demands of rent and utilities, my stuff, my all just cleared away. I was able to really put my heart into helping people I was working with rather than worry about my own crap.
I realized, people loved me, they were willing to put me up in their homes, with zero expectations.

So the above statement was how my life started to shift. I started to involve myself in world events, Soccer for Tanzania, where I could do something. This is how I met my life partner. I now am in the process of immigration and I have a year where I cannot work, my stress is completely gone, my debt in Canada has been reduced from methodically conquering one bill at a time. I am able to explore options, my  life partner who indeed found me through a event, supports me in everything I do. I now have a team player. My entire life I have served others, its what I do- I feel the universe gave back.

The best part is my partner is now looking into .."What's Next?" 30 years in the police force, he randomly decided to get his MBA, open a non -profit company with 4 men, started doing men's retreats. 

My life right now is freedom,  I love my life! If you don't have a partner, this doesn't matter- I really believed in something, I believed in myself, I believed that I was not living a life I wanted any longer, it was a full year before I met my partner. If you do things for you, give back to the world, people find you, people want to do whatever it is you are doing- This is the first step; to freedom, to love to financial freedom, to dreams.

I can now work towards something all my own and share it with the world. I want to publish a few books, I want to coach people on how to have a life of wellness, the people who were in the rat race like I was, thinking you have to live to work, not work to live and adding your passions into your life, and having time to do it!

Freedom to me is living by your own terms, creating sustainable income that is yours, making you green print on earth, giving back and receiving, gratitude, graciousness.#10DBC #freedomplan

I need to be worldly, meaning travel- to give back, and most importantly to know what is in the world, be humbled by it.

I had written a book on grief that is a comedy, I sent a chapter review to a psychologist, who I previously worked with in my field. He simply stated, this book needs to be completed, it will be a great addition to a different side on how people deal with grief, he also met with me several times in relation to my blog, my work, stating that I need to get my program clear. I believe that I do need to finish and complete. I stop and start things, not this year!

GVix Signing Off...Keep Blogging!


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