Superpowers, We All Have Them-

Day 4 Unlocking Your Superpowers
10 Day Blog Challenge#10DBC #freedomplan

Today's challenge is to write about my Superpowers!

Some Superpowers

Superpower-Hello! story teller, yes that's me,  creative writing, love to write about Adventures!
At one point my blog reached 150K readers, So I must of been interesting, Let's be real here, mostly just flat out funny enough to keep people interested.  I love to take what I know or where I have been,  and write about it, or the people I meet, that have a effect on me.

The truth is about this Superpower is,  yes I am able to write about any topic, or thing at the drop of a hat, that does not mean its good. I want this Superpower to now be refined, and elegant. This means I will need to change my entire blog. A New Website, This will be Amazing!

Superpower-I absolutely have a gift with people, less fortunate, vulnerable people, children and youth and adults. Regular People, anyone really, homeless people, people with addictions.
People with stress and worry...I have 20 years banked in helping and serving others, and I've made differences in peoples lives, people have made a difference in my life.

Superpower-Creativity, It my own method of learning and teaching others, Go outside the BOX! I love a great challenge ,problem solving with a creative mindset. I can take a complex problem and break it down to mini steps.
What do I like to do?
I love nature and adventure- most times I want to share my adventures with everyone else.
I love to take a experience and photo bomb it and write about it.
I love to organize, spaces, peoples agenda's, efficiency.
I love to travel, Paint, do art, be outside.
In past, one of my many jobs, I loved working with hoarding situations, yes I did that. I loved it because once the mess was gone there was a clean slate to re stage a home, and re stage someones life. If they  were ready to do it and do the steps and process to get it done.

What other people say about me, my husband said I'm invisible, things magically get put into place. I am great with people.
My friends say I am a hard worker, I listen, am compassionate.
Recently, I was talking with a mother of 6 children, we are going to have her give a talk about her life at a non profit group- our group, to help mothers in crisis. After the meeting was almost to a close, I suggested to her;
Make a list of 10 things you want, 10 things you need, and 10 things you will have. ( A promise to yourself) Break it down to 5, for each,  Use this for your speech. The social worker called after the meeting and said I was amazing. I felt really good about it. In some situations I will use a visual tool to get this across as well.
Wherever this takes me, my profession will be with people and making changes. I love to create, so I will have that also, and I love to teach.

I don't like to sell. This is my weak link- I would like to get to a place where things just sell themselves because what I have to offer is so amazing.


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