2012-New Adventures

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I started off New Year's with some pretty big moves! I went to a New Year's party, where I only knew one person, the host. It felt good to be back in the loop-Downtown, movers n shakers..lights..action..fun.

I stayed a good girl, and minimized the drink met some amazing people, networked and went home by 1230. I met up with a old friend I admire, and it was good to see her smile again.

I was on another adventure, this one started at 3pm, before my work day.  One of the top venture capitalists in Vancouver held a intimate networking brunch in his million dollar condo off Stanley Park.This was called a Vision Boarding Party ;https://www.facebook.com/events/270111149711774/
People may call this visual scrap booking, however was much more than what you think as scrap booking.

The Host of this gathering was hosted by Ricky Shetty, from Networking with purpose.


Two guest speakers,one speaker was a young athlete who retired at 23, crazy.
Sven is as cute as he is here, and quite the speaker, holding seminars on Jan 5th and Jan12, to reach your full potential in life!

One of the things Sven talks about is this; If you go the same route every year, you will have the same results. Same can lead to repetitive, which means burn-out possibly, which leads to worse.If you do better, find a different job, better friends, better health-you will be better. Do you just want Better?

Your potential is great, now that may not be money, it could mean to not work and live on a farm, cause you like farm animals..what ever your potential is, it should be great. I truly believe in his words, this man is the same age as my oldest son-My son recently said to me, Mom I will own a house next year.  I have always said.."you can do anything you want to do" You need to sometimes make a few mistakes to realize what that is. You may need a little help, to find what is is. This is why, I have taken a different route for 2012.

We know this advice, but sometimes you need to put yourself in the success of others to take action.

I took 2.5 hrs off double time pay, to go to this gathering. that's a loss of $45 a hr. Why, because I need a little help finding my full potential. I know, it was in the party last night and here.

The other guest speaker was entirely the opposite, hard knocks dude- found his riches through hardship-
His last statement was so funny..

The speech he gave was worth $125.00 for every 15mins. This is what he charges, I read his deal-I was stunned. Darren Jacklin is now in 500 fortune. He asked me what I do, I said I am a Mental Health Manager in Vancouver. Darren said, Sure..what do you do? I said I blog..about myself, being single. My opinions, funny stories, answer advice..health food stuff. He said what are the stats. I said about 23k month.
How much money do you want to make? I didn't even know what he was talking about. He said 5k a month is a nice start? isn't it? Lets do it. I was shocked.

Darren talked about change the way of thinking..My head is swimming with ideas...You can still be a humanitarian and find your own happiness and give back, it is not a sin to enjoy life to its full potential. Because we only have one life, so why not live it.

After everyone said what they had to say about them selves, and it came to me, I said again..I write about dating in Vancouver, silly shanangins, blah blah..the man next to me decided he would put in his two cents.
Hi, Id just like to say, I dated a women last week, I spent all day with her, I have not seen or heard from her since. He directed this at me like I am going to give some magical advice, all I could say is..what do you want? me to blog about it? I felt on the spot, I truly wish I could of said something inspiring. most of my thoughts come later. Comments such as these creates my material at times..if so many people were not there I may have criticised  him for fun, to find out his angle-everyone has a angle, reason to rhyme..so to speak.

There were successful women in the room, I felt so worthless..what had I accomplished for myself? I had helped everyone in my career, but myself. I was sitting beside a gorgeous lady, I asked what she did.
Producer, Director..I did not tell her I was a make-up artist for 10 sucking years of my life, and that I had decided to serve people in a more humanitarian life because I was down right sick of making ugly people beautiful. That's not entirely true, I did love my career back in the day, certain degrees, but I do not miss standing on my feet for 16hrs a day, or putting chest hair on Huge Jackman and being completely red in the face, or being called like a dog to powder Halle Berry's ass cheeks, well these are stories for another time.

Producer/Director at Self Employed Entrepreneur
So, all my friends who keep telling me I need to do a reality show on my silly stories..well maybe that might happen, Hello Victoria, might I kiss your boots over tea? Lovely Lady, no pun intended.

I also met a cutie pie Entrepreneur, Ruby, she just started her label in energy drinks-organic and sugar free-Wow amazing good juice, the packaging was also lovely. Ruby is a tiny little asian girl, in the elevator she pointed out that her quilted purse matched her quilted jacket today, I had to have a giggle! adorable, and recently single, it was announced at the gathering-Once the make over is done, I will ask Ruby if she wants a hot new Bio Shot to Match her great tasting healthy drinks!
Anybody can do anything! My mom suffered depression a while ago, and then decided to go into comedy-
The first show, I was completely shocked, As the shows went on..I was honored. I am sure my mom would have liked to take the gig farther, but its tough out there, had she had some networking people, she may have been huge..I remember one time, she yelled at a heckler-"Shut the fuck up, I'm a fucking senior, have some respect!" Awesomeness.

She was featured in the globe n for : Fighting Mental Health with laughter, my mom is a mental health care provider, so I can relate totally to this statement, her header was:

" I was in the psych ward a while ago. They keep the doors locked. People think its so the patients cant get out. Actually its to keep the staff in"

This year I am going to change the way I think, do and act. Daren Jacklin says the first thing you need to do is go through the contact list in your phone, think of negative or positive and deletion of the negative.. don't worry I haven't done it yet.

I will be starting a new blog, with the help of my friends, totally geared on wellness, sanity and other things that help keep you mentally sane, it always helps to have a hot ass, but truly  Intelligence is where its at, think smart.

To you Girls!
Lastly, I am going to end tonight with one of my mothers first stand up shows, as embarrassing as it is-
I was there, the non smoker in the audience, and yes everyone looked back to see who I was..
and it was in her moment- Live in your moment! 
There is a reason my blog has a content warning, take note on that one...:)

GVixen Signing off..


  1. NOTHING embarassing about that stand up gig, she rocked it!

  2. hey honey,thanks for posting my video,I love ya


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