Conversations Threw Text Messages-Part 2

A person: Im paghila sa aking fucking buhok out!!!
In google translater this is filpino language, and it means, Im pulling my hairs

Me: Really? Why?

A person: Ikaw ay isang punta!!!
This means you are a punta
Clearly this person is upset.

Me: So, how are you today? Lol
Person: Sorry wrong number

Congradulations your entry in last months drawing won you a free apple ipad!
Just enter code 6040 at and tell us where to ship it.

Returned answer: ship it up your fucking ass-its 1am in Canada.

We are currently not speaking-
Matty: Whats red and smells like green paint?
Matty: Hmm, still not talking hey
Matty well its green paint.

Me: lol

Matty: How much does a polar bear weigh?
Matty : enough to break the ice, J

Me: geezz..working

Matty: oh good I got a smile
Matty: ok, knock knock jokes..
The existentialist answered the door..whose there?
Matty: hmm no answer
Matty: well its Fin

Me: K seriously, im working
Matty: Oh Hi! How are you?

What doing?
Me: Working
JR: L you suck ass
Me: Sorry
JR: Commmmmeee out!
Me: No
JR: I know you can after work what the fuck gives?
Me: Nothing.

X Boyfriend from over 10 years ago: 11PM
X:Holy fuck you know so and so on Facebook?
Me: yeah
X: Omg I just took her out
Me: ya, you dink her?
X: no, not, won’t even after third
Feel  free to inquire.
Me: naww that’s ok
Me to So n So: so how was your date with ______X?
So n So: oh my, good, you guys dated? it was nice, he seems bitter.
Me to X: sorry about the comment in the blog.
X: of, but you forgot to mention what you actually said
Me: whatever
X: you owe me !
Me I owe you shit, Im a writer, but we should do dinner soon, its been way too long
Me to X: oh wait, she likes you, we cant do dinner.
X: L
Me: She said you were bitter???? Be nice!!
So n So: so tell me more!!
Me: no reply.

 Are you working?
Me: ya
Mum: Omg have you ever seen that show with the little people?
Me: I don’t do cable
Mum: omg its soo funny the man and wife are Little!! Its so cute, you know like little people?
And they have a little son, and a big son.
Me: Working
Mum: you are not dating that guy again, isn’t he the one that screwed you for the
Ride to Winnipeg?
Me: no mum, just friends and that’s not why.
Mum:you told me last time that guy said he was going to go, you took off time and
Then he bailed, that is the same guy?
Me: Ma! Im working, it was easier for him to fly is all.
Mum: what happened with that nice Italian guy you said you were going on a date with, he seems really nice, you know the one from our home town? you know you should go older or something, I hate to say it but your choice in men has not been great. Wasn’t there like a older jewish guy you found funny?theres a young guy in my building, he's a chef, really nice, he asked me to a movie-I should give him your number.
Me: Mother, I am working!!
Mum: shesh take a pill, so did you go on the date or what? With the Italian guy from Kitimat.
Me: yes mum
Mum: I hope you didn’t sleep with him, you know that’s never a good thing and it justs gives the guy the wrong idea. I keep telling you to go to that place, its really great, lots of men there and its really fun, remember i said you and your girlfriend should go there, the Fairview on broadway after work for drinks, it's only 5 bucks
Me: Mother!!
Mum: well Im just saying , I just don’t understand why you meet these losers, I worry about you-
I really think its because you sleep with them too soon.
Me: I don’t sleep with them, and going to a bar is so much better,ghezz mom-I have to work, chat later.
Mum: I really hope not and I really hope you are not with the guy.
Me: Im single and Ill be single forever-happy?
Mum: you can be such a bitch
Me: Mum im working now
Mum: k
Mum: I love you honeyJ
Mum: you should really not over do it , you know when you work to much how you are
You’re a bitch. Did you quit smoking?

Foodcourt Guy:10:35PM

FCG: I'd really like to kiss you right now
Me:  :)

FCG: I want to make love to you

FCG: I think we would be amazing
Me: Umm..not sure what to say..Me is sleeping
FCG: Night.XO
Me: Nite
FCG: (Next day, 9am)
I'm Kinda horny
Me: Great , go do something about it and share it with yourself
FCG: Fine, Figures..sigh
*Note- Never slept with this person, went on one date, I have no idea why he tells me he's horny all the time.

AA from Seattle: Good Friend-8PM
AA: Checkin in with Ms Gold..Hello Hello
Me: Hello
AA: All is ok?
Me: Sure, Fabulous, couldnt be better
AA: need to chat?
Me: No, thanks for cheacking in.xox
AA: Seattle Time?
Me: Ill let you know, soon. xo

Stay tuned for continual Text messages!
GVix Signing off


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