Colors & Textiles

You ever have those dreams where its so real you can taste it, It never happened, but you wake up feeling like it did? It's like juicy kisses that last so long and you can't get enough..I remember

Colors of a painting that are vibrant and just enter the canvas and next thing you know its something great...a simple day dream of being somewhere else, or just enjoying where you are. I have felt this lately. On a trail, snowy and whimsical at night, the snow glistens and looks feel like you are in a graphic artist movie because you cant believe how magical it all is, the cool air catches in your breath and you can feel a numb tingle to your cheeks. The snow on the trees make everything look like ice caves as you climb higher.
Once I enter the warm cabin of cypress mountain, and order my coco..there is a hub and a vibe that is so magical you wish you could just go to your cabin, and have a hot tub and be with someone special for the night.

.... Or the hot sand in your toes, you may only be at wreak beach, or white rock, with all the locals but the day is so hot you can envision some tropical island with delicious food and drinks..fresh mango on sticks...meeting foreign people that are happy and poor but seem so incredibly rich to you because they are here and you are not.

Being on the water , feeling the sun, and as you gently put your fingers in the cool water it feels like you want to dive in even thou it is cold,  later you touch your lips and taste salt. all you hear is the wind and the gently lap of ocean you look out..everything seems possible.

Gently putting your paddle into the water and hearing the gently up and down as your paddle enters..and your team member says...Hoe...Hum...The rhythm of a team on gentle water is like....Om

The feeling of soft skin at night...the coolness of your foot hanging off the bed..this is a moment of awesomeness, as such, just as the writer wrote that amazing book, I feel it now.

Change can be incredible. My little place of 4 years, brought me a sustainable garden every year that gave me produce, gave me closeness to rich culture off of main street, interesting musicians and venues.
work was easy ..the fast paced city gave me reason to write in all night cafes with delicious pastry's or art to gaze upon. But in reality- I felt just alone here as I would anywhere.

The noise above left earplugs as my mentor at night, I had the constant reason of why I could not feel a cool breeze through my window at night..the sirens, the city rats..

I will spend countless hours creating a home in my new space..the quiet will leave me ready to paint and write.. I see textures and colors when I think about my new space and who will come visit me in it, friends to watch movies, friends to cook..or most times I will just enjoy the quiet. The convenience will allow me to leave my companion ( Sushi & Martain) with the resident upstairs..I may actually travel. The office will give me room to actually grow a business and I see a tornado of ideas. I do know my goals and budget will have to be different, and I am OK with that. each box I re-open that I have packed will be split in two- this will stay and this will go...
and slowly I will have released myself from excess baggage.

I think in colors and textiles and quite often a song or a painting will effect me..and later it will have a feeling of memory. This is very much the same with people..I once took a picture of a black and white photo...of two body's after sex..the only thing in the photo was a tattoo, and a naked breast- the side shape of two bodies that had just made love, some glisten that showed passion...This is not a picture so much anymore , but a feeling.
the only thing with color was the tattoo, everything else had been changed to black and was a feeling of what this meant.

I have had many thoughts of how I view things recently with much self examination...
what makes me feel this way and is almost a self study.
Recently between all my moving stress..someone close to me had a life changing experience..
I felt pain immediately. I realized that all my stress was completely worry was all gone, my love and compassion was completely for this person at this moment and all I wanted to do was fix it.
This is how I work....I really don't know why I work this way...but I do.

GVix signing off
Thinking in blocks of color...


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