My Poop Smells Like a Bed Of Roses..

"My Poop Smells Like a Bed Of Roses"

The statement above would be from the princess that lives in downtown Vancouver, believes that "Tiffany's Jewelers " means the alter, and thinks that public displays of affection are inappropriate.

Not Me

Never assume in life you will never shit your pants, or that what may appear a cute little toot, may in fact leave you in a embarrassing situation. I shit my pants last year- The first time ever, I think that was enough to last me a life time. There are many embarrassing moments- and the new book I am reading most certainly has left me laughing out loud to myself.

A friend of mine, was called to go clean some police vehicles today..I won't say any names of
and found that she had to go to the washroom so bad, that she couldn't hold it for the 30 minutes it would take to deal with the police car- The nice officer took her to the very small policing office, with cement floor and ceramic walls.  After going "Number One" in a room that sounded like the hills you shout "Ricula" from,
She thought, she would let out a little toot, like .."puff" instead it was the loud magic dragon fart.
Horrified, with a nervous giggle and quite scared to leave the bathroom...she quietly opened the door...
to see..... 5 police officers starring at the door.

Never assume things in life, don't assume money will be available- unless you've put in the time and actually see it in the bank. Don't assume that certain someone likes you, unless actions are made clear..Don't assume work hours will come threw for you, when your title clearly is labelled as casual, but they promise full time hours. Promises are broken all the time.

It is great to think positive, you always should, but there comes a time when you have to really have that stability of what is coming and going in your life I think. It's like can make sales as a sales person, however the economy may crash- then what? It's about thinking outside the box and creating something concrete for yourself-

You can also sell yourself as a great "Package" but then what would the challenge be? You shouldn't have to sell yourself to anyone, in work or relationships. In work we list the qualifications- the employer can hire you based on those qualifications, or he can choose to ask questions about life skills and transferable information- and make a decision based on that- this is why I have had many careers in my life, I truly feel I can learn anything. I went from dental assistant to make up artist to para-legal to corporate sales to top bartender to mental health...blah blah should be in the place that serves you well at that moment in your life. Each of my careers at the time, served me well, and gave me flexibility to raise my kids.

In relationships, you can see the person as having a grand career, ownership of things, what seems to be stability, but this does not mean that person is the person for you- your person could be the car salesman down the road- fuck if I'll ever date a car salesman, just saying. No offence, I have my own reasons. The person that is right for you, brings you joy when you are with them, they don't want to change a single thing- they like how you are, just as is.

Last year work came pretty easy..things moved along..and I just went with it. In Work, relationships , almost everything..

Some people say..just go with the flow and roll with it...Maybe that is why I feel temporarily psychotic lately..I am not a go with the flow , person...I am a leader and creator of things. Creator of problem solving, creator of the creative arts, creator of new passion, creator of adventure..This is why I started Prospect5- however....
I didn't think it through again...I went with the flow, and guess what? It came to a dead stop and now needs to be completely re-vamped into concise, proper management.

So I have a team, and it wont be on the assumption I can do it all- my partner will do half, and we will look at the results as evidence of nay or ya, and make factual precise decisions on how to improve, revamp or increase revenues. Simple right? Not really.nothing is easy in life.

There is no guarantee in life or where it will lead you. You can accomplish all the things you need to do to have a nice retirement and then realize you missed out on life itself. We don't have proper retirement or pension plans anymore- the best plans are the ones you create for yourself.

So there you have it folks, a little loud fart, changed the perspective of the day..go figure.
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