Chalet Edgar 49

What do you get will 11 women, A cabin on a mountain? Adventure!!

Mount Washington is a quaint, but very popular resort on the Island, 20 minutes outside of of Comox.

The girls were from Naninmo, Victoria, Duncan,, Nanoose, Kootneys and lastly my 2 women from Vancouver.

After two weeks of straight work for me and my girlfriend, this trip looked like it was finally going to happen. The other girlfriend met us at my house and couldn't be happier to get the fark outta dodge and leave her divorce proceedings.

Extremely exhausted and grouchy the three of us headed out to the ferry terminal. The driver of the trip, and my best friend was insistent on opening the wine on the ferry already.

I was like "no, you can just wait," " Just one glass she says" I insisted no, and good thing too because we had several things to pick up in Naninmo before heading out. Once in superstore I look over and her eyes were totally bloodshot.

On arrival two hours later, the games began, drinks were poured, snacks were brought out
The massive bag of games were brought out.."What" was the game, totally fun!

Discussions of streaking in the snow, sledding down the hill to the parking lot were all discussed.
The mix of women was completely diverse which made this event even more fun, and each women had their own talent, we had; a few chefs, masseuse, hairstylist,a few comedians, leaders, homemakers, and the beauty advisor.
I am the

So I will supply most of the information on what happens at Chalet Edgar 49, which may even become larger one day ..who knows.

I do know for the first 24 hours , eggs and more eggs and alcohol should not be the on the menu ! Period.
I was called egg butt for the first 24 hrs and was actually quite sick from the food. The food was amazing , fluffy European waffles, with all the toppings, European cheeses, meats..tons of crazy dips.

Everything a person wants to eat on vacation- everything I can't eat, but wanted to brake the rules for this weekend. I paid the price, pretty sure day two my sugar level was escalated and I pleasantly had a few explosions in the bathroom.

Someone on the trip had that ducolax, which can be taken two weeks prior on any vacation.

Our coordinator of this trip is a very smart cookie, and I am not sure if she planned on who she should invite and the choices of personalities that came with the trip. I have to say she was absolutely brilliant.

We had a LLL, large lovely and lushish (same as a BBW) she was, lets say, very exploratory on things in the bedroom, which of coarse led to amazing conversation and education as well. When I walked in I saw LLL sitting on the couch, her smile lights up a room, her comedy should be on stage, and she has probably the nicest ass I have ever seen on a big beautiful women. LLL is a active BBW, a RN in fact and was top of first aid, which came in handy when I put my shoulder out and was given half a little yellow house pill, 10 Min's in the medication I was out like a light.

The day after my egg butt was gone, LLL would say in the most pleasant voice, I saved something for you-and I realized it was a silent but deadly sin to be sitting next to her on day two. Day three someone else had the toxic ass, but no one figured out who it was.

We had a very hot single lesbian on the trip, this can always be entertaining..unfortunately she didn't even hop any beds, huge disappointment I say. No obvious play for another female nothing...but she did point out her radar to me, " I got the raider, you've been with a women"

I said, yup and and I like penis. The coordinator said, "it's all just sex anyway" I love how the coordinator described what you do when you are faced with a poor lover " You fucking TAKE IT" you wrap your legs around his face and take that shit!" This was after quite a few drinks mind you.

We had two very strong accented women, Chek and Romanian, which makes it were fun during drunk conversations.

My favorite was when I was in pain and couldn't poop, and the Romanian said " I give suppository"
The coordinator said , "you keep talking like that, you may have to sleep outside."

We had two super mom introverts, and in their quiet behaviors they brought highly educated thought process on photo taking, computers, game playing, hobbies and activities.

My posy brought aesthetics to the table, beauty tips, hairdos, but most importantly we all wanted to adventure out into the snow.

The late night porch gigs breaks were the best, we had a full cabin next store of boys aged 20-28
at 3am one was pacing, doing the hold the knees vomit..we saw the keggers going in..
One peeing in full view, Nanoose girl yells " I can see it"
The poor lad probably thought we were a bunch of crazy cougars, and well maybe we were.

The coordinator gave us a itinerary of who was cooking each night, what night pub night was and a list of the snow adventures. The coordinator said specifically this is a de-tense weekend, and everyone does their own thing up until the games night evenings and so forth, so quite often you would see one girl asleep, one reading , two doing a massive new  Ravensburger Puzzle at the table ( we had two) knitting in front of the fire or just relaxing in conversation.

Their was the group tube night which consists of a short hike up the mountain from 7pm to 9pm.8 women at a time, link their tubes and go down the hill together. A group photo and a booze shot at the pub before games night back at the cabin.

Nordic and downhill skiing are also offered and if you are quick enough you can get the groupon deal.
I missed it :( In a small resort, a price to ski for the day is basically $150- unless you get the deal, So I chose snowshoe and tubing..and the funny thing was, when I did return home I was sent to Vancouver Cypress mountain for a full day of Nordic lessons and Downhill- For Free! Ask the universe and you shall receive.

With the hiking at Mount Washington, and then 7 hours of skiing when I got home- I'm done.

Snowshoe and hike day is on the last day typically to get your nature photos in.
Sunday was Superbowl weekend, so everyone was prepared to make a feast and put the game on with lots of goodies and snacks....More Drinks..

The thing about bonding like this, is you get snow wrestling, humour , its like a bunch of girlie kids all over again. I have  7 new friends now-Its amazing!

Few things happened three ladies got called to duty(work) one had a family emergency.
You find yourself listening to tragic and heartbreak and sometimes this brings women closer.
One beautiful women with glowing skin, a fitness style about her, active mother-battled cancer
and only had one breast.

LLL was at the cabin with a major back injury, and basically could not move- but decided she needed her friends, the love and companionship and came-and it was perfect. She shared her now short lived career as a RN, betrayal and heartbreak over a man on the net-who indeed was a multiple identify.

A couple was reuniting their love for each other on the trip- after almost being in splits ville.

Tension was being mended with friendships among some of the women. This is what you need to do to fix everything, stick your battles in a locked cabin for a few days-and done!

As I went on this trip I could see a few leaders/Coordinators who defiantly would have liked to plan the trip much better, myself included.

Vancouver Vixens Page on Facebook, is what this is all about! Bringing a group of women together for expeditions, business and leadership skills, weather its facing your fear and doing survivor boot camp or mudder, or planning a get away, promoting your personal style or business. Unfortunately it is very hard to get going with my work schedule.

We played allot of dirty games, which kept the laughter rolling. I will never forget this trip!
I am waiting for a series of recipes from the trip which I will add to this post and also make a mini
recipe book. The photo album is not available to viewers, unless agreed by all parties.  LOL

I hope to receive comments from the girls involved will share a bit, add a recipe, comment.. Advice for other women planning a trip. Funny times that were not mentioned that I may have forgotten.

You just click on the comment and add, it will not show up till I review it-

Your names are:

The Driver
The Romanian
The writer (me)

The Chek
The Suzy Home maker

The Hot Gay Girlie
The Couple: Migs n Mag
The Coordinator
The Nanoose Girl


Another grand Adventure in GVixen's Life
Signing off


  1. You lost me when the hot lesbian didn't bed hop, lol.

    I've been to Victoria. The only good thing about Seattle is the Victoria take you out of Seattle, lol. sorry no offense, seattilites.


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