Unethical Statements From Around Town

All the things I can’t , you can't or anyone else can't say aloud. 

Una persona

Your dick stunk last time I sucked it. So I stopped.

Thank you so, so much for allowing me to take 4 days off to help my family in crisis and then     decided to bring me in for a discipline meeting. I received you emails, phone calls and finally the   letter of dismissal.Quite frankly I do not have the time or energy to respond to your futile               attempts to bullying me. I hope you enjoyed your 4 month stay in France, with your fat ass,           your other managers have not had a vacation in 4 years and your clients do not have 1st quality equipment or necessities. I watch how you yell and scream to employees in front of staff and make well rounded people become bitter. Therefore  I am unavailable to your association, in the form of even a reply. maybe it has something to do with quality and worth in a better workplace.

I don’t work for assholes,  you are a asshole.

I am sorry I have not called, I was too busy having a life.

Grow up, goddamn it.

Your fat

Is the tattoo of Thor a replacement for your penis size? Just curious.

What am I doing?, Fuck all, I am enjoying the art of fucking nothingness
Did you know your self-help posts are a cry for Prozac? If you got off your ass away from the           computer and went out into the world maybe you’d actually find something. It’s called, yourself.

I don’t really like you

But what does it mean?

Can I fuck you?
  •   During Yoga, "Did you just shit your pants?"
You look like a ho on Davie street, every time you go out

Stop tanning, you did not just go to Mexico you were in a goddamn booth on Broadway

I think my vagina has officially grown over

Everyone know the Float-house is really for farting.

Who takes a shit and doesn't wash their hands??? you just came out of my bathroom and I heard no cleaning of hands and now you want to visit?

Its nice you state visiting someone is relaxing, the only relaxing spot I know is my bed.

Do you actually see how arrogant you are? You are sitting across from me and I cant believe        your arrogance. I want to hit you across the face.

Nice Botox, I thought you used to be a man.
  • Are you really talking during sex? Shut the fuck up!
  • Can I fuck your sister?

Dirty Hippie Chick

To a Boss: Fuck Off

This is a on going post by several people, If you would like to add a creative one, shoot me a email



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