Single Awareness Day

So its now February 2015 and I can't not think about the big 14. Recently Single, or maybe I always was in my subconscious mind.

After 40, as I have said many times in my blogs, you tend to look at the whole picture.

Well this year it was like I was taking a re-evaluation of my life, rather than looking specifically at someone I would date. In fact I had no desire to even date. However when you are thrown into a dating situation, sometimes you look at the horizon with that person and sometimes you look at yourself- recently mine was both. I asked some very important questions to myself." Do I have time for this? No", "Do I want to do my makeup and get all gussied up?. NO" "Do I like all aspects of where this is going?" No

I know its a little self righteous isn't it? Well I'm sorry I fucking earned it.

Nothing like a good sex pot picture to make yourself remember how beautiful you, ha ha that's me! Some time has passed since that was taken.
I remember when I did the photo above, I was a year out of a engagement, I was in good physical health, I was learning who I was and had quite an adventurous year. It was indeed the best year of my life. I remember "Italy" A good friend of mine,  I have not seen in awhile,  saying to me some time ago:
"I am taking a full year of monogamy, I will do yoga, boxing,  reflex on my my career level."

Well he was right to do just that. I don't know if he actually took the entire year (far too good looking) I do know he did turn his whole life around to servicing himself .

I think the shitty part of my recent break up is telling a person all the things that you hope they would fix for you,  and realizing they are not going to fix a dam thing. They like who they are and have now moved on. They like their situation just how it is. As the saying goes, "if a women does not like you for who you are well fuck them right?" Well I did like them for who they were, just not thier lifestyle.
So there it is. Different goals, paths and wellness. It is what it is. It sucks.

So, this year on Valentines Day, A few new things are going to take place. A few times I did things with my single girlfriends to make myself feel better. This year, it will be drinks and speed dating followed by something else. Two of the lamest events I have ever done here in Vancouver are and the POF dance nights.

This year I would like to do a few events with a group of friends, single or not single. After Id like to write about the experience. I went to a event put on by, and found a large population of white coller shirts and black polyester pant, gentlemen right off the boat from china. I had a wonderful time- with the entire attendance of women that went. No men. We sat at a large table in the back and drank, then went bar hopping. Speed dating I have yet to actually sit down and do it. I did walk in on two speed dating events in Vancouver. One being put on by, plenty of fish. The plenty of fish one at least had a large age group and mixed crowd.  If you are interested in joining our group check out the facebook page coming soon- I will re-post when its ready!

Dating @ Sip Lounge!
Here’s your chance to find love on Valentine’s Day!
Meet 12 singles in one night! Hosted by the premier speed dating company; (as featured on CNN Headline News). This event is for Men and Women ages 25-35
Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and the chance to meet up to 12 singles. If you don’t get a match, you get to come back to another event for FREE!
The event takes place on February 14th from 7:00pm to 9:30pm at Sip Lounge (1117 Granville Street, Vancouver).
Jo Hater Annual Haters Ball Anti Valentine’s Party – Joseph Richards, February 10
We know that not everyone turns warm and fuzzy at the sight of the rose petals, fluffy stuffed animals and sweets that pop up in store windows as soon as Christmas ends, so here is an event for the anti-valentine, aptly titled the “Jo Hater Annual Haters Ball Anti Valentine’s Party.” This pre-Valentine’s event gives you plenty of time to get your hate on, and then find true love over the weekend.
Dedicated to those who are single or who “hate the relationships they are in,” this super uplifting event is on Thursday, February 10 at Joseph Richard Nightclub on Granville. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. Drink specials include $3.50 highballs, $4 coronas and $4.25 tequilas. Students and ladies are free before 10:30 p.m.

Here is a good Read:

So if we are looking for a mate, what are some important things that you would consider besides the standard, education, income, baggage, looks?

I have a new list, only because I have listed many in the past.

I think you should be able to sleep together -
like fall asleep in the same bed.

I think kissing and passion and spontaneity is very important- however this depends who you are with- it must flow, or it doesn't work.

I think old romance is important- chivalry is not dead ladies, I promise- and you should never settle for less. However expectation of this immediately, is rather poor taste, on your part. I am referring to expensive dinners, flowers the materialistic stuff. A simple opening of the door, a tasteful environment in the beginning is good. Many women in Vancouver expect the world at once.

I think if you are not over another you should just flat out not be on the market. period. Go fucking find yourself. Enjoy your aloofness's, family friends, children dog cat, sightseeing. I had a guy tell me he was so lonely, well he only got laid in the fall- and a women say she was lonely, with a huge Italian family. I live alone with a cat, cause my dog died, I have one relative here, minimal friends, and two sons I barely see. I am not lonely at all. I pray for the days when I can just do stuff for myself at home, like paint, sew, sleep, dance. Yes I really do.

Well this is all I can think up tonight, I have a sinus cold and the neocitrion has had a adverse affect and I am awake. This sucks.

Gvix Signing off, and remember....


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