NewFlash N RantZ (Summer 2014)

Here's a newsflash, Facebook is not real. It's for you to reconnect with family, friends, old high school mates and to report your live journal, sure if you want to occasionally. Facebook is the cause of most breakups, friendships and work relationships of today. It s hacked and prodded and looked into. It is simple put, absolute bullshit.

However it is a good media tool, eye grabber, even planner and all out hilarious if you use it wisely. You have the strait posts which are the do gooders of what they have achieved and the latest status on there daily goals. You have the porn queens of Canada, potty mouths and the latest completions or awareness campaigns.

Is your Facebook you- no it is not, you are the person that is typing the shit on there for sure, but this does not define who you are. When I go to work, I serve others and hold a professionalism of privacy and law abiding acts. When I work with children I teach and broaden there minds to be able to achieve anything they want to be, I am funny loving and a mother.

What I post today may be from a decade ago, what I stat today may not sit well with you-well dont read it. Hence the false name.

Lately I have been consumed with working with grouchy downright miserable people- I hate it.
I remember a time when I loved going to work and the work was done well and the day was full of laughter, good joy. Now I work temporarily with accusations, bad energy and angry temperament.
Guess what folks this is the career you choose, if you dont like it, than maybe you should find something else.

Then there are the friendships, well if you indeed have been a friend of mine in real time, you probably had a good time, you probably felt that I was funny, awkward and a bill sarcastic..If you have talked to me just on facebook, you may find me almost in another character, unless of coarse you are a family member or good friend.

Facebook is a creative outlet to seep your baggage, gain compliments, spread bullshit or a better word-
Today has been one hell of a day to say the least, let alone this week.

I realize that people change, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the worse- some people grow and change and some people don't. I do know that there is a good 20 people who do not serve me well on my facebook. In friendships you are not obligated to please your friends, sure its great and should be reciprocated on both parts, but when friends start to question your personality and criticize who you are, I am sorry..this does not serve me well. I have the handful of persons who constantly put up negative bullshit, animals dying, how miserable they are ..blah blah..Start a fucking media page to save dogs and stop looking at the shit.

I am not saying you should be a self healing happy quote on a daily basis either- but for the love of god, post something original or funny, goddam it post a note to yourself that says I have no life therefore I must comment on every fucking thing. Or make something original, Like mine.

I do have many comments on my posts, however most of them come from friends who live afar. If you need help and support ask for it- If you cant talk to your neighbor- who can you talk to? A preacher once said, that Vancouver has loss its sense of community and I have to agree. It may be baggage to one person, but to the other it may mean food for the week- it may be a post that says, fuck I'm depressed, and the ext week they are dead.

I had a friend tell me today they wanted a fucking break from our friendship. They felt I had other priorities that were more important. This is a friend who has had some medical problems, and a entire family to support them threw it. I called and called..and the rest of the two weeks I worked and worked. Who the hell takes a break from a friendship? If you don't like me or have anytime for me in the future fucking delete me now- because over the coarse of 48 hours you will find out who is not on my friend-list.

You accept me for my tomboy lesbian keen wearing shoes, my potty mouth, my asshole that actually makes noises, a bad hair day-and ....I will accept you too. I will accept you if you work in MacDonald, I will accept you if you have a bad past..I will never bring down your worth or belittle you or make you feel weak and sad- cause friends don't do that shit.

I may have been your friend 20 years ago, and if it was good then it will be good in the next 10 yrs when we run into each other in Walmart.

Ive had friends do wonderful amazing things for me, save my dog, pay my rent, buy me groceries tend to me when sick, put me into a vacation that I can pay back- and most times my reciprocation is small..what do you want a fucking metal? sorry you only got a thank you, a car, a dinner cooked, a house cleaned..The truth is...

I will be there when you fall, I will move you , pick you up when you are broken. This is what I do-
Its all I can do.

it is all I am capable of, and currently I have 3 people in my life that I have realized I need to have my affairs in order for- time is short.

Besides the fact that it is Shark week (Menstrual) and I am not feeling particularly 100%..I decided to have a rant, because I have had somethings really eating me up.

One of the major ones is being trapped to go into a field that I excel at and have to work with miserable people. The energy is so bad, I should not have to work in it, I haven't for 3 years..and now I must.

The other is, a handful of friends have just plain hurt me. They are either non exsistant, or treating me poorly. The reasons are, I am unavailable, and more recently I was criticized by a very dear friend to the point of no return. It sucks, but we move on.

At the same time I had 4 glorious days with my old-school friends- my roots, my family.

Written in Summer of 2014


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