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It was a long battle with Sushi Gurl..and now she sleeps.


Sushi was from a litter of 15, she didn't play like the others, in fact she just sat there. I think sushi was a quiet soul for most of her life.
Sushi had terminal cancer which started in her tail. It was 2 years of surgeries and medications. Last year she developed a tumor the size of a golf ball, this split open in the middle of the night, we had to have her tail removed.

The two years, she received a new bill on life and for the most part she went everywhere with me, Calgary, Terrace, Kamloops, Kelowna. I went to the vet to have her put down with a Dear friend who offered to assist me, I had not seen her for 20 years, After Sushi's tail removal her health went spiraling down, My friend felt Sushi had been threw enough and felt that because she was already diagnosed with cancer really, why should we be paying for more tests. Louise was right.
However my vet refused to put her down, he wanted to try medication. The medication was 160 bi-weekly. We tried the medication and Sushi was a completely new dog. For 8 months. This was supposed to give me time to deal with her passing, so I thought.

I used to talk to sushi and I really do think she understood everything I said. We made a pack that when her time came I would see the world and spread her ashes , she loved road trips, new smells and people. Sushi loved cats and children. If sushi put her ass on your feet that was her way of saying I like you.

It has been very difficult the last 4 months, I am still grieving. I have lived almost alone with my dog the last 7 years, So I have not been able to write about all the wonderful things about sushi, because quite often I cry myself to sleep at night. I am doing much better, and so I thought I would finish up Sushi's story.

she was a nuzzler and always slept with me- I started sad diaries when her condition got worse.
It is quite daunting to have a sick pet in today's world. Many times I simply did not have the money.

Sushi's extreme care came during the strike action of work, her bills replaced my rent.
On her final days, I was seeking help at 11:00pm..I called many emergencies. Sushi had been to my vet earlier that day, for a very swollen anus and secretion. My doctor gave her medication and  said if she vomits bring her in right away. My vet was closed, they had a emergency number to call. This emergency place wanted 1000 upon arrival. My roommate had told me Sushi had vomited about 10 times. In a desperate situation I called the SPCA. A women at Kits ER decided to put her fees away and heart on the line.

The first thing she said was" Lets finally make resolution of what is going on with sushi", she preformed very expensive procedures on sushi, a ultra sound, pain medication to ease her, amniotic fluid extraction, blood work...what vets charge 1000s of dollars or more.

 It seemed Sushi had a 17 inch tumor on her bladder, she was given medication the previous day for some discharge, that medication contradicted with her cancer medication and irritated the tumor and many other things, a ruptured bowel basically.

It was the wee hours of 2am that the decision came to put her down. I had a old friend visiting, actually my sons friend, and if she was not there I would not have been ok. Thank You Felix xoxox. My boyfriend at the time was waiting at my house and just thought shed be checked out and we would return. 
I did not return with Sushi. That night I placed her in her bed with her nurse angel bear, I wrote a letter of what a good dog she was and everything I was thankful for. The vet wanted me to talk to her while they put her asleep. I felt her go..and it was horrible. I don't ever want to go threw that again.
 After a week had passed I received several gifts and cards hanging from my door, flowers and many emails. Sushi was loved by many people.

Sushi had a best friend, MarTain the cat a rescue that came to us about 5 years prior, they were inseparable.

After Sushi's passing MarTain would scream, and search the house. This was so bizarre to me I took him to the vet. You could see real tears coming out of MarTains face. He still does this sometimes, Have you ever heard a cat scream? Its horrible. They suggested stimulation. So we got a tunnel and several feather toys, MarTain has turned into somewhat of a kitten. Its fun, however I do feel he is lonely. Feral cats come up to the screen window and he freaks out, it would be nice to find another fat mellow cat that would bond with him. I do work alot and before he was fine- now not so much.

Sushi loved water it is hard to get all the pictures on here, they may be out of order. Sushi loved to be dressed up and had several outfits, many were purchased from her NaNa, my mom- and when she couldn't walk much anymore, my mother wrote into the wildlife foundation and they gave Sushi a 200 dollar carriage, this is in the picture below somewhere.

Sushi had no problem telling my boyfreind that she was there first.

 The worst part about losing a family furry friend is if you made the right decision. When Sushi was first sick, I would have huge waves of guilt- we set up a camera and sushi would actually pine all day for me, This is the photo, below.Did I give her a full life? Animals do amazing things for their owners, like lying. I actually was fooled by Sushi, she would do everything in her power to let me know she was ok- I would ask her in her weakest moments " Is it time? for the golden bridge" She would get a burst of energy, she knew. The day she was sick- this did not happen. She just lied there and kept puking.
 I could go on and on about little fat Sushi, it won't bring her back, I kiss her urn every night and move forward. I play with MarTain as much as I can and somewhat spoil him. Many people have said to get another dog. This will not work in my favor at this time, thank you. I really feel its time to just look after me. I will soon be looking after a cute fat chiwawa "Buddha" my moms little dog while she goes into surgery. I may actually dog sitting once in awhile for a fee. I have a massive yard and huge dog part at the end of my street. I also have lots of love, so there ya go.

 Sushi once looked like a champion.
Merry HoHo
Loved by many
Best friends

Thanks WL Foundation and NaNa
Sailing Sushi

I Will Love You ForEver

This was very hard, But I wanted to have a memory and to leave you one. xo


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