A Poem..

One of Those Days by Joshua Radin on Grooveshark Your sad and all I want to do is kiss you
Your mean..and I think..re-group, I know this is not the true answer
Your love..is fire..I wish to know your true desire
Your heart..I hear, when I lie next ..
your eyes..are childlike..with wonder..
I fear..you give me too much hunger

I often think..
of what it would be like...
to be with you, see the moonlight..and the full day anew
walk in tall grass, see a mountain..travel on sand..
these are things I think about, when I am with you.

I often thought..about if we danced..
I would jump around in my underpants..
I have kept my secret..

Your sleep is sound..I feel rested and bound
I hope soon..you too will know..
what it is you're feeling..
inside and out..
Without any more dough's.

Sometimes in life we are broken
and it seems no one can fix
but if you don't give life a new mix
you'll only be dancing tricks

I serve not myself, but others
it time for me to say
if i look up in the sky..
fuck this blessed day..
I really wish you'd say..can you come out to play?

My life is far from yours, and thus I build a new adventure..I move about in daily hast
but somehow , I think about your face..
Did you know you always make me smile?
Sometimes this is hard for me to do.
I haven't told no one that , but you.

I hope we meet again, because..
we met before, and I truly do adore.

Sometimes I can write:)


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