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An avid reader asked, what are Frogs to you? It popped out in your list.


I hung out at the frog pond as a kid in Vancouver, there was one behind one pond out of the many school’s I went to-I was a hippy kid, and therefore was kind of poor, always traveling.

I was delighted to find they added frogs falling from the sky in Magnolia. Such a complex film-one of my favorites-
I associate happiness with nature, beautiful surroundings, if I do not create beauty in my world, my world kind of falls- A frog pond is by no means beautiful. But the secret garden does lead to a frog pond filled with goldfish. Which are probably my favorite colors, orange and green? Of coarse separately. Another film the secret Garden. A troubled child, with lost parents..
Makes magic out of the earth. So representing….we create our own paths…and she did, with a little help from the Genie.

The love for Frogs really took off the summer of last…I have a gift with children
I realize, and did not as a teen parent. But after all my years of training in my field it broaded my senses so to speak.

So I went to Nanaimo, to stay with women who had been a friend with my friend for a very long time-It was for her birthday. I have much respect for this women because she ran a very successful business here in Van-a cleaning business, had a fabulous husband and two kids- whom I had met very briefly once. I had a lot of respect for her, and they had just bought a home in Nanaimo.

I got the loft room, and beside the bed was a large window that opened to the warm air and sky
If you have ever stayed in the hills, the sound of the frogs is ever amazing.

She had your typical spoiled I want every thing daughter age 12, and an already pro athlete blue blond eyed boy. On the evening the boy had a friend over who he chased in the yard with a sword. Round and round in circles, getting yelled at every 5 mins for running. The boy is in numerous sports-and his dad is rarely there to be the coach, it’s the mom who instills. A stallion…

The next day- All the boy's friend was away-camping so forth- I was up at 6am, on the deck, smoking listening to those crazy frogs. the boy came out.
I guess you’ll be drinking with my mom for her birthday all night and day today?
I was shocked, I said actually I didn’t stay up last night I went to bed at about 11 and I don’t really drink often. He said well that’s what my mom says, so less than a six pack a day?
I was astounded; I said why you are up? He said, I have track
I said when you done? He said in an hour or so...
I said do you like to hike. You know this area?
His eyes became huge. Ill take ya, sure!

Now I knew this frog pond was close, and so in my head I had planned a day at the frog pond with this boy, what a magnificent day it turned out to be! What an amazing boy!
I am sure my boys were just as amazing-but I never got chances like this. As I was a single mom working 24/7 to instill a roof over there heads. I found out many things about this tiny boy, and worst of all is how he viewed his mother, well her behaviors. He asked me over and over all weekend to go find the frog king. We went 2 days in a row-he really wanted to know when he’d see me again. I knew I probably would not spend time with him again..

I redirected to protecting the pound from garbage and that sometimes in life, silence is best. At 8 years old the kid had severe shin splints, bruises and was burning out-
Track, hockey, soccer, baseball-all this is good…Being a kid is more important,
He really only liked one sport and really missed his buds back home. He mom had no friends in Nanaimo, pushed him to limit, drank and nagged for his achievements.
His dad was an amazing person, but was on the road constantly-you could see when he arrived his love for his boy.

Sometimes you want to fix things…sometimes you just cant.
I then decided to go do some research on my favorite book frog meets toad..
I illustrated a few shots. And rolled the idea around of a new version for Disney-
However I could find the ending and I kept putting lessons of life in there.
Which has long passed in the history of children’s stories-?
In the storey I am called two star..

I also loved the frog prince storey which is about to be an amazing movie. Funny how this happens. I have a frog prince by my bed I kiss every night.



  1. I would love a comment..I am going to write the children's book and I would love some idea's on Adventure, Endings...Events and Charaters...Moderism with a tell old tale..



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