45 days till I'm a Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free.

45 days till I'm a Suitcase Boarder, 365 Days Rent Free.

Packing up and starting over this time, seems stressful..but way easier than any other time.

One, I'm not heartbroken.
Two, I don't feel attached to any of my stuff.
Three I have major support this time.
Four, I don't have to worry about any money- because it will be designated for someone else to look after. I just have to worry about work and wellness, sleep and good food.

I applied to a over the top contract, that is 5 years with a full benefit package and travel. Probably out of my league, however the highlighted word in the job description stated " Full Training Provided" One of the things I do know now, is I can train in any field.

Its funny how someone else can change your perspective in a moment. I saw a girlfriend about a month ago. she called and said I needed to come over. This was totally random.

I was having a bad week. We had a in depth conversation about the power of emotions. I am not going to lie, I had allot going on and so most of that week I had verbal diarrhea about all my issues.

She told me to, for the next week no matter what happens to keep it to myself and to not give any information on what was going on in my life. To be silent. Let my mind rest and follow just the motions of the day, kind of like a walking meditation.

I did that. I had one weekend of laughing and a dinner and a bit of romance..I was silent. The next day everything looked different, the sun was out, my next few days went by in  a heartbeat..
As this weekend unfolded with many dilemmas..I remember a verse..."|Isn't it nice to talk about your problems and share with someone" I kept silent.

No it is not, because then you focus on them, I believe in talking about what is ahead I have decided.
what is the next chapter. What is nice,  is sharing moments with friends and family and a special someone that are in the moment.

Letting that special time take you away. I accomplished allot this weekend, and yet it feels like I accomplished nothing. Slowly the layers of the old self are shedding away.

I find this time to be the less loneliest time for me, even thou I am some what alone. I think they call this growth or coming into ones self.

I had allot of memory today..I spoke to my sister and to some friends, I packed up allot today and found old memories.  For some of the day it tested my nerves completely....however I kept myself in check and followed with, what my friend had said, keep silent and go threw the motions of the day. Whoever I spoke to today I tried to put their conversation at the forefront and kept a up beat frame of mind. Except the exceptional people I absolutely vented my shit to...LOL, like my son, and his testing behaviors today. Tomorrow is a new day.

Lots of movement in my home and me running from place to place all weekend, I am not surprised I am not just falling into my bed.

For me..the day ended positive and progressive. However I am still having a hard time sleeping.
I think a trail run and hot tub are in the works for me tomorrow.

I would like to thank SJ for putting me into perspective. I counsel on this stuff all the time..its funny how that works, you can organize or give advice to other people but not yourself..DOH

Well, its always good to have reminders of where you need to be. Sometimes things are just over whelming..and you lose sight.

There are many great books out there; one is The 4hour work week, The monk who sold his Ferrari,
Homeless to millionaire in one year. The thing about these books are. they are fantastic if you have a solid plan. If you are not looking for a quick rich scheme, a weird pyramid Internet business, If you actually have a solid plan, or rather a idea that is achievable on a reasonable amount of time...anything is possible.

I certainly do not have millionaire goals, I just want to make my blueprint in the world. with a sustainable income, with very little worry in my life. The only worry I want to have, is what next adventure I am going to have and how I'm going to get there. Which starts in 45 days.

GVix Signing off..
and to all a good night...


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