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Robin Williams

You were and are loved my many threw your laughter, kindness in community and spirit.
My heart goes out to your family and closest friends.
Laura Gold

The title of my blog was a very heartwarming tweet today, on the news of the death of Robin Williams. 

I grew up with Robin in my home all my life and always wanted to meet him.

It was a cold winter in Vancouver,  I think around 2006, the stores downtown were open very late, maybe 24 hrs.

I was working as a manager for Biotherm in cosmetics and also relief for the floor manager, we received a call- a odd call that Robin Williams would like to have a personal shopper for the evening and would be arriving at 11pm.

The Robin I saw was almost unrecognizable, and looked something like the picture below.

However his cloths were casual. Robin came in slightly disheveled and I met him at the door.
quiet and shy at first nothing much was said, he looked stressed. I asked what he had in mind, he said he didn't even know his own family anymore and to just pick anything. Once on the top level Robin seemed to lighten up and ran for the tools and toys and i started to see the beloved actor I knew and adored. i talked about working in film and some gigs I had done, He turned into father mode and said I could do anything I wanted, but if I was smart Id stay completely away from the industry.

I at one point asked if he had amount he would like to spend, or budget, he laughed and said, when your dead your dead, none of this shit matters. He had a quirky funny side but also seemed a little dark that night, looking back on it now.

Depression, the Silent Killer, as many put it. .I've had my fare share and can say I am a expert in it. My mother has depression, my father had depression, my son was recently diagnosed and at one point had situational depression. All different forms, shapes and sizes.

I had this silent killer running so rapid in my family I took a few courses on it. The silent before the storm..most times at the ultimate high peak of ones time, is the time you have to watch most I find.
The lows are clear, its like a horrible hangover that wont go away, but the high part of depression is when the person is the most daring to take there own life.

I can honestly say I cried today, this man brought so much joy to my childhood, teens and finally in my adult years , even if it was only for two hours.

I have met many stars in my time, this one was very special and I had hoped to have a beer with him at some point. The world will not forget this one for sometime I am sure.
the last scene robin says, i wont forget you guys..well Robin we will not forget you.

The best scene ever in Mrs Doughtfire!

Robin If you are up there, have a beer with my dad would ya...

A glass of wine is fitting for this time, here's to you my friend..until a later time.

Giv Signing off on this sad day..


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