You are not IT

That time when you chatted me up and asked for my number, and then decided that our entire form of communication would be text messages. You are not Him.

 After that meet-up we had, you failed to bring flowers and ask me on a real date and assumed I would hang out with you. You are not that It.

That time we went for the hike..and you assumed I was your buddy.

You feel you have the right to tell me your sexual thoughts and touch me, however you reside with someone, or pursue someone else, my dad always told me to make sure I was number one- You are not my first choice, because I was not yours.

 If I was pre-occupied or heart broken, or torn..that, that guy would wait..He would stay and be there for me, and wait. You would be that friend with all the humanitarian qualities.

You forgot to randomly call me and ask how my day was..because you thought of me in some random moment.

that surprise you did, ..oh that was me, not you.

In my mind all the ideas of romanticism are not you-They are ideas, and you cannot change a person with your silly ideas, every one's ideas or dreams have to be their own to be real.

A man can be a  boi, a boi can be a  man. A child is not a champion, nor is a man or a boi.
A champion is the one whose soul is linked to yours.

A champion views his mind as a temple, his body as power and his love as sacred. There are not many champions in Vancouver...I Find.

The reason you were here, was to cook dinner with me, to hold me and love me, to talk to me all night and not be bored, to hike the highest mountain, to sail the seven seas to see the wonders of the world, but most of all you are here because you want to be. it is to be and to share, you value my thoughts and my opinions so I am part of you. said I was a dreamer...and turned on the TV.

You are not it.

You are not it, because just not possible with you.
consumed with your hidden agenda and your cowardliness hidden behind the computer screen or cell phone, you lack confidence and much in have to ask for a kiss.

You are the new generation who moves from place to place in circles ,your own circle, because it comfortable and you never ever take a risk...because of that one time....that hurt you.

Relationships scare you, because you would actually have to give up something.

So you can stay in your rat race, and confined space and entertain the thought that you might just meet me...
but....You are probably not It.

A Simple Short..By me..GVixen :)


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