I'm still alive

Hi ! Well I am typing from my new iPhone to try it out. As many are aware I shut down Facebook, my blog My telephone contacts my cable and Internet. Aren't you glad I did! It's beautiful in Vancouver! Go out and play! Truth is mental clarity, wellness are still Much needed till September. I had a lot of past that was still in my Present. Lately I have just been very Selfish with my time. Living poor Till life settles in, I don't mind it. I had to reopen Facebook to see how My family is, but not much time is spent. Dating- closed. I set up ideals for myself first, it's a Funny thing when you do that. Because then you see.., Possibly someone you felt was out of Your reach, do to your own insecurities. I think I have met a person such as This. I have followed this persons Successes for sometime. Never ever Thinking he was following mine, or Rather hardships. I think it's time for a little romance. Keep your eye on the Georgia straight I saw him, in the next few weeks. Signing off Gvix


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