Just A simple Nite out..with JR

I have a wide variety of friends, I mean WiDe!

I love them all, each of my friends have something unique about them-I hold no judgement in their personal
tastes, activities, or even mistakes they sometimes make. Sometimes I am so busy, I fail to reach the expectations of my friends-I am trying to pick days to spend quality time over the next 6 months.

My one friend, did not want, but needed to take a break from her routine, fresh out of a relationship-
It was extremely poor timing for me, however NO was not a answer.

JR...Stunning on the outside, Beautiful on the inside.

This write up will be about this one friend because I think she wont mind the world seeing her.
But before I post her picture, I need permission..So we will have to wait on this.

JR, Is stunningly gorgeous, she has over 2K facebook friends, purely on her beauty. The thing about my friend is she is incredibly ridiculous smart, when the boyz try to play her, its quite amusing-I remember back in the day, we were at a bar, and a group of men were making sexual comments and  carrying on like the loser's they were, she sent over a tray of shooters. They were filled with water.

Last Night was the sandbar, JR recently posted herself on POF and received a letter that the picture was fake from a magazine and she was denied access. She had to write to POF, with basically ID stating it was her-

So we go, and well there are countless lonely hearts their, who have recognized JR from the site. These are the men who write shit like, oh baby I want to stick it in you. JR, could not stop talking about it when she came to my house"Like who says that?" Seriously. I showed her how to change her settings, and hopefully she's good to go, I did tell her what I thought of the site, and best of luck..lol

It was very crowded at the club and hot, JR said I cant take it anymore I have to take my dam jacket off, and I m scared now. JR has, well..larger than life breasts.

And...she is 5 foot 6, 5 foot 10 with heels, I am 5 foot 2..I was eye to eye with boob. All night. No one saw me.LOL JR has the biggest heart and is kind of brass when it comes to ignorant men.

Some of the funnier things that happened during the night, were, JR taking a picture under the table of 4 assorted mens feet. The men all had white sneakers on.

A man came up on the dance floor and insisted on drinks bought, all I saw was a look of horror on JRs face..JR says"Ok Ok Ok..go go.."to the man, directing she and I are going to follow to the bar, soon as his back is turned she grabs my hand and runs the other way..lol
"I said whats up" JR says" someone seriously died in that mans mouth, omg, did you smell his breath?"
Later after we avoided the man for a good hour, he comes up again on the dance floor, hey why you leave, we bought you drinks. JR, says"You need to go home and brush your teeth...lol" I am laughing to hard to write..lol he said something else like he didn't hear her, JR says, You NEED to take care of your breath, it stinks, like a M O N K E Y 'S A S S H O L E.

JR says, fuck..I am barfing a little, lets go in the can and have a drink of my grass vodka Micki-trust me,
do not accept grass polish vodka-EVER.

There is a vast amount of ladies in the washroom,
One rather cute women, says, it is lacking in men in here-I was like, "I totally agree, no eye candy, do you want a drink? ", " I promise everything will look better after you take a swig"I offer, to avoid taking a swig myself, she guzzles a third of it, then her knees buckle and she is on the counter, what the hell? We could not stop laughing.

What I can not understand is why women still try to meet men in a bar??Me and JR, came out to dance and have fun, knowing sure as shit-we would be leaving, with each other.

Me and JR go back out, I try to be a cock block, but I am just too little..JR is now bombarded with a large black man, kinda hunky for like 65, lol I think he is the same man at the POF dance hitting on large breasted blonds, but I wont mention any names here..lol

The best part of the night with JR was hearing about what she will and will not accept in life from men-
JR is actually very nurturing and outdoor's type of gal, but her appearance is that of ..you have to earn it.  I said what is it you want? JR, replies " I want both of best worlds, someone who can take me away for a weekend, and someone who will be domesticated and loving also." Well dont we all really want this?

I think we have very different perspectives on somethings, but I do know we also want some similar things and have the same fears with dating. I believe that a relationship is equal. I do not expect anything I cant give in return.

I saw a definite change in JR this time out that was different from any other time. You see, I tend to talk to anyone that may be interesting, I love all types of people. There were two old foggies at the bar, one a doctor form California, the other a old hippy-long times friends. I ended up chatting and they were awesome. JR actually opened up and got into the conversation, her focus was us having fun- In past, it was all about who was there, what type of men were out. JR has now moved on to just enjoying her and the people around her.

One story I must tell, was a little man, of about 4'11 in a disco shirt about 50 came up to us at the bar and gave a speech. He said to JR, "You are the most beautiful women in here," JR said " what about my friend?"
He said "She is only beautiful because she is reflected in your eyes..lol she will always be second"

. Then he went on to sell himself, that he was going to be on Canada's got talent and threw out his card. I was laughing inside, as he spoke I think his bottom lip grazed JR's nipple. JR said, "Your a pig and you have insulted my friend" -hardly, he went on though...he was like that skunk, peppy le pew
His name is www.ronniethedancer.com
Well everyone has a dream right? However his will not be with JR unfortunately..lol

The night ended at 1am, and that was just about right, we had enough entertainment to laugh a lifetime,

I ran into a group of girls I met a few years back. I went to meetadventures.com, OK..great ideas, poor choices in men. I took one look, then saw a very attractive group of women and asked if I could join them.

We ended up out in the town, hammered, we went to Orbit, and a rich 21 yr old had booked the back area, she had tiaras and goodie bags, little cup cakes..the whole plastic commercial deal going on, well Cher I will call her, decided to pretend she was part of the party..lol..until they kindof clued in..and we sort of dispersed ..quickly. We all ended up at Earls downtown, chatting about our horror stories on dating- god what a great night, they were all there.

Soo..Back to JR..should I do a single Ad for her with a picture?
Let me know?

GVix Signing off...
Dating Escapades..


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