The Milkshake Party-Wendy D

Wendy D is a well known Photographer in Vancouver who create's works of art on human nature, at least this was my interpretation, and real life experience.  Wendy's work of art is not only interesting and fascinating, you instantly have a smile to your face, a step to your day, a enlightenment, a thought of wonder..You can only know from seeing her work yourself.  I have no idea what she is like live shooting a person, but I would imagine similar to a medium, someone who sees beyond the lens.

I was greeted at the event at MainSpace with warm big blue eyes, and a true hug. I feel this women captures not only the shot, but the soul and the true expression of a person, as when she greeted me, I felt she knew me, but that's just silly-I have never met her before!

All her ideas should be in a large picture book on every persons coffee table as far as I am concerned. A better description is the one from herself:
Vancouver, BC – Capturing moments in life, who we are, what we do and showing it to the world through the visual image. In other words Photographer

Every year Wendy holds a milkshake party with her latest projects displaced and fabulous desserts and a special bartender, that makes these divine milkshakes!
This year her work exceeded herself! One book I was emotionally drawn to was on cancer.
Black and white photos of people who show the scars of cancer in their most intimate setting of nudes.

I was invited personally to attend this event and I was happy to meet some local film and event crew from Vancouver
One whole wall was of Erin Sage Sharp, Artist, Musician, Activist, Business Owner. Beautiful.

Sage Screenprinting : Owner / Operator · Vancouver, British Columbia
Full design and print services for gigging musicians, performers of all types, exhibiting artists and independent clothing designers. Eco-friendly merchandise, high-end art reproduction and economical, eco-friendly marketing materials.
Towards Eden Festivalwith Ash Bigdeli
A huge step in the right direction....towards a future of incorporating nature back into the way we live and design. Lots to do, lots to learn.....come join us!

The other project was truly amazing that Wendy is currently working on. The underwear project.
Wendy captures conversations with people about their underwear.  I have some pictures below here;
On the wall was a more descriptive information sheet on this project, however the picture I took, did not turn out that well, I will add more information on this project after Wendy reviews my blog today. The pictures truly explain them selves, downright funny! 

I remember a underwear story of my own-which should be included! One Valentines day, I bought my finance a hip pair of hot pink American Apparel Ginch-Boyz Ginch, he said-I'm not wearing those? Those are ridiculous! After he left me, I had a photo shoot.
A revenge shoot more like it-Look closely......I had to tuck the Ginch in due to the bulge-I sent him a copy of the picture of coarse. I then went out and bought seven pairs-These are my signature undies, and I take them very seriously. If I were to pick new underwear, I would defiantly go with"Dora The Explorer"

I laughed so hard, was so much fun to see a wall such as this and if you ever make a coffee table book Wendy, I will be the first to buy a copy!

Scream, A invite to scream at the camera! What a great idea!
The end result of the event that took place back in May, displayed
over 100 shots on a huge wall-Love it!

The other project was Bald, had I known this event took place I would have invited some absolutely beautiful Bald men I know-one in particular.

If you are looking for a fun project to join in, proffessional photos, this is the women who will capture the true you, the raw you..and isnt this what we really want to see??
Love you Wendy! Love your Work!
The Two photo's I added of you are my favorite!

To check out Wendy Dphoto's projects visit:
You can also see more at:

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