Church Lady Say's " Now is that proper talk?"

Head Colds and Boot-camp and changing your life for the better, can sometimes suck for the first month. My blog"Dysfunctional Journal didn't go over with the "Boyfriend" so I archived it for a bit. I don't blame him.
I am quite the girlie girl, with sweetness and giggles when I am with him.
Trash Talk is not very becoming in a lady, but sure makes great conversation doesn't it!

I am actually the most caring giving person you could ever meet, I think of you and the world before myself, and then beat myself up because I am so sad sometimes..probably due to exhaustion and not knowing how to balance enjoying life and work. If you dont hear from me all day, it is one of two things: I am at work, I am ignoring you.

Welcome to the world of serving one else's.

The last few years I actually have enjoyed life in little bits, quite a bit compared to the rest of my 35 years. Just not long enough. I actually have loved the last year of my career and felt this is it! This is my calling, until bureaucratic bullshit and the stress all has come into play.

I feel I am on the next faze, and will continue my life's work, but in a different format.
I plan to actually do my dream, humanitarian for a bit in far off countries.

Best described by witipitika:humanitarianism is an ethic of kindness, benevolence and sympathy extended universally and impartially to all human beings, and also to animals. Humanitarianism has been an evolving concept historically but universality is a common element in its evolution.

I was offered this year before I got very sick to work in a biology lab in the amazon, this is to research new species, food source for wildlife and work with the river kids. I got most of my shots and was bent on going, I really wanted a partner to come with me, but could not find anyone to go. The trip was a landing in Brazil, 6hr river float to the edge of Peru. When they found out I was a community service worker from Vancouver they were delighted to have me come and learn some quality research and would allow filming as well.

The trip was 1200 return airfare and 800 dollars for 2 week stay, all meals, 6 hr transport and education included-
They also would provide adventure, but not a single person would go with me, and then I cancelled the whole thing due to being sick.

So next year, on my vacation-I am doing it! Maybe sooner.

I have to apologize for my rude canter to my lovely audience, but I have NEVER hurt this bad in past training, being sick must have really set me back, and well..sometimes a girl has to vent. I decided not to do everything at once, in one shot..but to take it day by day.

Lubs you all


  1. Maybe you should take up knitting as it is a safer and less offensive hobby that 'boyfriend' wont have an issue with :) or maybe if he really loves you he should love who you are whether its giggly or swearing like a sailor......just sayin.

  2. or maybe I should mind my own gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.


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