There was a time when I thought my life depended on fancy nails, a diamond in my tooth , $800 dollar hair extensions, the purses and bags- I thought I was on top of the world managing a hot new cosmetic line, working in film and the top stylists in BC and Vancouver Fashion Week- I used to budget my paycheck for the next great accessory!

Well I still have some Diva in me and am still very much a artist-I just realized that when I'm dead none of that shit will be going with me.

I still keep up small maintenance and I budget a great hair do once a year, my budget is $150-
This is still quite high for a hair cut!

I love to go where the atmosphere is fun and playful, and I can chat about past work-for the last 2 years my salon of choice has been Toni and Guy-I was a hair model for fun and then they invited me to be a makeup artist at beauty Night benefiting cancer- I loved Loved my new hair, I had a few stylist collaborate on classic, sleek and fun new look!...Last Year

Last week, they must of been busy, because they did not get back to me-I had a function I was going to and was in desperate need of a style(never get your hair done when in desperate need, its like shopping when your starving at the super market)

I had remembered working with another team of stylists, MOODS- they put my hair in a funky style when I was about to show my work for BC Fashion Week.

I went, laptop in hand, showed the textured cute cut and auburn and Carmel color. I asked bluntly "What is the total cost for all?" Oh no more than $150, the Romanian Stylist said-I was happy, I sat down and got to know the cute stylist . I looked in the mirror and said , the color is very off-It was pumpkin.

She said well we can re-scheduled for a fix at no charge.

I said well I hope so, as she kept cutting, I suggested a few times about the amount coming off with the thinning shears-I have allot of hair-but thin hair, she said oh this will give it much texture.

I told her my bangs were not even, The Stylist said"oh I will fix those after"-when styling she asked me how I keep my bangs down, I wanted to say well if it didn't look like you put a bowl on my head and cut it to the freaking hairline, maybe they would stay down- I grabbed the brush and did it myself.

The salon was quite busy..I go up to pay, explaining I will have to book a fix at no charge.

The lady says, "Absolutely" $248.50 Please...

Well you can imagine my horror, for 2.5 inches off length, 4 hours in the chair for a bleach job-I did not ask for, I said we discussed the price prior as $150. I should of walked out right there.

Being humiliated and not wanting to look like a fool-I paid it and said I will be back as I want a refund. Apparently the co-owner could not make any executive decisions on his own, and his partner was on set for two days.

I went back, and I went back..and I finally went back with Diva stand up , take no shit comedian, Branwen Willow-yup my mother-I think she made the male co-owner almost pee a little. Still nothing. They did not want to talk to us-

I decided on that bright sunny day to take a walk to all the respectable boutiques on Mainland street -where I shop frequently and many know me as Goldiva, and asked a few shop owners just what they thought of my hair today-You don't want to know the reaction, bobble head -I am 42 Years Old! not 12, I work in the community service Field!

The next day I was ready to make a scene- The Owner was in, and greeted me with a huge smile! Lets fix that hair she says! The Romania stylist was right there- I said first, your stylist here quoted me $150 dollars for the total cost, I want a refund back. She said I will have to check her books?? Then she says, so you don't want to book a appointment? I said I would like to work out the financial negotiation first, and then yes I want my hair fixed.

Somehow she managed to say, she was not going to fix my hair and she would take her sweet time on any refund. I asked her, "when will I hear from you? "She tried to avoid the question by stating we are done talking here, as you can see my salon is very busy,
every time someone came in she skirted me away- when she had 2 receptions there who could of dealt with her appointments and she should of discussed this with me in her office, She saw I was not leaving, my hair looked disgusting as well, she finally said Monday night.

Monday came and went, I emailed I had not heard from her, she finally wrote me telling me she would send me a check in $70 dollars and that I typically was not welcome back.

So I am waiting for the check, thinking, how many people does she do this too?

I reported her to BBB, I intent to contact CTV News Possibly..

Now, being a makeup artist and stylist for X amount of years...I can rock out any However, I will need my hair fixed-Pumpkin is just not classy!

Signing off with Bad Hair


  1. You definitely have a way of making the most of it, and look beautiful anyhow! They say the difference between a good hair cut & a bad one is two weeks, but with color??? I hope you get your $$$ back!

  2. If you go to the middle of the blog you will see the pumpkin streaks-that is the gross color, new color..I am thinking just brown, simple..thats how I roll now a days baby..:)



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