How not to get killed on a internet date

How not to get Killed on a Internet date:

Part one:

Internet Dates, not to get killed
Killed on Internet dates how not
Date to get killed, how? Internet?
Get Internet, kill Date, Not!
A Internet date can kill you

Part Two:
Bring your own car and pay for your own parking.
Do not go in his car. Pay for your own drink and do not offer him a taste, I sugest an Alaskan Bear fucker, most people will not try it. Don't go to a empty bathroom, stairwell or elevator. Don't fuck on the first date. check his stats, research his neighborhood, monitor his hygiene. If he is all dressed up , but has sneaker's on, run! he's probably a drug dealer.
Gold chains or hair above his coller, mean's he could be into sex swings and tie ups. If he's artsy and wears all black, he may have a robotic doll in his closet, better yet cute n cuddly he may be into swishy toys. Any pant that produce's a camel toe on a male, is not a wise choice, neither are short's on a cold day, unless you prefer less than adequate-but then you risk the fact of kinkiness and weird. Bring Maze.
If he just cant make that call, and meets you via text message's, be forwarned, YOU are a idiot.
Invited to a concert is kewl, as long as you are going to make friends with the first 10 people around you. Have a back up plan, girlfriend that call's in distress, son's waiting in the parking lot, or tell your neighbour where your going, in fact tell everyone.
Do not show your tit's n ass, according to men in the late 80's this was a sign that you deserved to be raped. Bring your cute ball biting chiwawa, and train it to be highly annoying-like that's not hard to do. Do not tell him where you live, and do not kiss alone in the parking lot at the end of the nite-leave in a public place.
Well that's all I got, this was a request with the title:
How not to get killed on a Internet date.


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