The Best Done Letter YeT!

So my brown eyed sexy Metro-sexual that lives in a 500 square box in the heart of Vancouver. I have decided that you are one of the 50% men of Vancouver that let life slip by. New to this so called dating field, our first date was fun fabulous and exciting, dinner, and drinks. A walk past midnight in the city…and well you got lucky...
I guess it was over right there. Dam should have left it at that!
You told me you travelled wide and afar, stated that you actually had to leave the very next day...
Swallowed my pride. Packed up my things...and kinda waited to see…what’s next...?
Will he text, call...ask how my week was?
4 months later…we decide to meet again…my life went on with family fluxuations…
Working hard to be the best”brings home the bacon” parent ever. To my surprise I get a naughty little text…
I agree to dinner at your place, relaxation and some much needed safe fun play…
During those few hours, you stated you were in town prior and dated…hmmm….um, OK…
I did not comment as, I too tested waters with a few, I mean two dates. Really not much to go on there.
Keeping an open mind, I actually did want to continue with our evening. It’s quite rare to find sexual attraction, comedy and somewhat stimulating conversation all in one. But when I really think about it…most of the conversation was all about you.

Two weeks later…you’re back in town. Offer me the same thing. Well after 4 shifts of graveyards. Deprived of good food, wine and tasteful delights…I agree…then my brain pulls a….
You are a typical does not know what the fuck he wants. Calling me for a dam bootie call, Then have the nerve to ask me to bring two bottles of wine? You text me in the middle of a shift telling me you are about to explodes after watching I really this stupid? I think god has given me experiences such as this for me to write about it… You have absolutely no clue about me or my life, you don’t own a car, then you expect me to drive to downtown, bring wine, satisfy your needs!! what do I get to leave with? Hmm, the feeling of being a total loser for thinking I was better than this

You live in a fantasy box, filled with movies and porn. I take full accountability for putting myself into this situation, and I can clearly stat to my viewer’s-don’t read into all the glitz about Vancouver men, if its too good to be true, your gut is right, he’s a fuck head, or as the movie states “He’s just not that into you” .ha-ha...
Fortunately for me…I’ve learnt from this typical game over the last year…and tested a few to their wits. But you Mr. Brown Eyes –actually almost had me sucked into your spell, and may have possibly gotten a few more kicks in.

As a mature adult of 2009, I can officially say, this man was a good lay, once you get past the fact that he may swallow your face whole. I had my first experience where I actually felt I was in the movie, Sex InThe City .This experience, has been a studying guide for a tasteful line up of eligible men, persons with many perquisites, that live in the moment for today, with no borders. For one –they go still searching for that Mr Big, and it’s defiantly not you.
I told you, I would love to see you tonight…the truth is I have absolutely no intention of
Fulfilling your desires at your cock connivance. I’ve made other plans.
I am a tough cookie, I won’t cry wither or tolerate actually...
So I bid you good-bye and the donkey you rode in on.

With the Utmost Sincerity,
Ms Gold


  1. reeks of bitterness and desperation :) ha ha ha ha....but by virtue of word count, I'll give you some props too :)

  2. Desperation? Gee thanks, not likely..hahah
    more like frustration, and also was thinking of a good way to end it and let him know who he' messing with..hahha
    Your only supposed to give me positive points ...Honey!

  3. You made it too obvious that he got under your skin, and, if he was so lame, why did you tell him "you almost had me"? You're rollin on the 'if come' and the 'what if', and those are just thoughts, and thoughts ain't shit unless it turns to action. 4 months between dates?!?!?!....the ultimate 'he's not into you'....come one playa

  4. Okay...Got me there..well he gave me the line it was work..lolIll know better next time.. yup thats me..playa! Love your feedback!

  5. PS..Totally Not a Playa..I really liked that guy! He played me more like it! And I could never be bitter about something so unconsistant and trivial..I am very happy by nature! I heard back, dont think he was impressed at all but who would be..The fact of the matter is..He was just not that in to Accepted, all in all hes a pretty cool guy..And maybe one day he'll find the IT Girl..
    Koodo's to you brown eyes! xo


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