After a funny quote on Facebook, I was prompted to keep writing..I must be funny or something! My status stated that I was excited I finally received a day off..on my request of coarse, and what should I possibly do..sleep..masterbate..sleep some greasy food..stay on the couch..and well to not call me.
My career can require me to work up to 48hrs none stop, sometimes I don't even live at home-just check in...You know your overworked when running through your quiet house..naked and this seems to be a simple pleasure, or that you go to take a hot shower and realize you got bush..speaking of which the picture is the Original plant called Bush, and comes from Arizona. Mine doesn't..
I love my career and I guess that is why I dedicate so much time to it..quite gratifying..but does have defiantly its ups n downs..only a select few can do the kind of work I do. Id elaborate but that would be a breach of confidentiality. I have other outlets that fill my creative and dominate side..
Security for the Olympics..that's called Penis envy..when you run a house of teen boys..gotta have it.
Then there is the and writing..this is my transsexual side..I mean I cant always play a man..I took that test on Facebook...said I was 100% Gay-umm I am not..but I defiantly get my share of lookers at the Pride Parade every year, especially when I wear my 1970's rainbow pants...that's a lie, I could never fit in to those I was 10..
Some people say I have a split personality..truth is , sometimes I just don't like people-
I prefer to be with my simple friends who only need to think about sleep eat and run...or my dogs..and then sometimes I love people and can be the star of the show..its a show..really
and it keeps me entertained...
I love to shock people or make them laugh, and that is why sometimes I say things that are quite random. I recently had a conversation with a friend..I asked them if he knew when god was coming..and what would he look like..this is similar to a conversation another person had at my work...god is already here, my friend said, he is in the shape of Micky Mouse.
I found this quite much as when i see clowns..and I'm scared of them. I really don't know where I am going with this blog..
But my next day off is labour day...
So what did I do..well just what I stated...with a whole lot of nothingness..I thought about going to Walmart and buying the whole collection of Jackie Chan and then trying to say the words while doing kungFu moves in the living room..but I think that would be more fun with a partner...
People ask me all the time how my love life answer? It growing over
This is purely by choice...I promise!! it is, I have created my own personal dial a date..because I simply do not have time..sorry guys its full and there's a wait list, and well qualifications..
you must own a car, not be scared of Surrey..and well creative and last minute as I'm on call 24/ 6pm may be 11pm..and well that would be a bootee call, and that's just not acceptable for a respectable surrey girl now is it?
That's it for today..hope you enjoy it Nick!!!
Kudos to you own a bank? well were is it? just leave the address on here and me and some friends will stop
Byez all..back to Nothingness


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